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Dollers & Sense

by R.F. Mann, Daily Planet Senior Business Analyst

METROPOLIS, MAY 5 — Seems like there’s a SunDollers Coffee on every corner lately, doesn’t it? While it is true that the Star City based coffee company has increased its global footprint with alarming efficiency in the past year, at least some of the success seems to be attributed to the worldwide recent “crisis” event. 

“Last week this was an empty lot and now, like magic, it’s a SunDollers!” says Metropolis native, Joe McGuffin. His observations are not unique. In fact, as of this posting there have been six recorded cases of SunDollers Coffee locations appearing literally overnight in such far-flung locations as Gotham City, New York, Miami, Star City, Phoenix and two in Metropolis. 

When questioned, a spokesman for SunDollers founder and CEO Reginald Doller replied, “SunDollers Coffee is not behind these strange appearances. Despite appearances, thorough research into company records indicates that these franchises have been at these locations for weeks if not months.” SunDoller’s spokesman later confessed to having to change signage in the new locations from “SunDollar” to the intentionally misspelled “SunDoller” and offered no explanation for why the new locations would have an “A” instead of an “E”. 

“It is possible that as a result of the appearance and subsequent disappearance of the multiple Earths that there are going to be cosmic ‘hiccups’ in what we perceive as a seamless continuity”, explains Dr. Kitty Faulkner of S.T.A.R. labs Metropolis division. 

Whether the result of cosmic hiccup or corporate strategy the increase in SunDollers locations is good for business. More locations, greater distribution and, as a result, greater profits all seem to indicate that it seems that SunDollers is here to stay.

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Dollers & Sense

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