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Wild Animals or Wild Imaginations?

by Hannah Stretab, Daily Planet Contributing Reporter


As if the likes of Killer Croc, The Penguin and Catwoman weren’t enough, the people of Gotham City seem to have another reason to lock their doors at night. The Gotham City Police Department are investigating several reported sightings of actual large animals, as opposed to the costumed variety, roaming the city streets. While City Officials and the GCPD are being characteristically mum about the topic, the Daily Planet Gotham City bureau was able to obtain an exclusive interview with Gotham City Animal Control.

“I don’t want to say some of these people are imagining things, but one ‘witness’ claimed she saw what looked like an insect the size of a sumo wrestler!” said GCAC spokesman Don Cappo.

“It could just all be due to Gotham’s increasing expansion” explained Cappo. “We’re destroying the natural habitat of many local species, so its possible that larger animals could be scrounging for food closer to the city but I have yet to see any of the tell-tale signs the animals usually leave. Regardless, we’re still going to investigate every report” he added.

While the people of Gotham City are no stranger to ‘animal’ sightings it has been some weeks since the last appearance of the infamous Batman or his cadre of allies – Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and others. Concerns about the Gotham’s ability to police its all too often dangerous streets are mounting.

When asked about the possibility of facing the likes of a villain such as Killer Moth or Man-Bat, Cappo responded with typical Gotham resilience. “I may not have a cape, but the safety of Gotham’s residents is my number one priority. Plus, those guys are chumps!”

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