Contribute is looking for talented collaborators and contributors to work with. Artists, writers, videographers, podcasters and every other creator on the planet is welcome to join an already amazing team and community. Publishing with the Daily Planet get’s your work recognized by a largely diverse audience and it’s an excellent way for creators to grow their portfolios for future career goals.

We are now accepting simple file uploads! Feel free to submit a photo essay, listicle, PDF, or any other file form with a name and email attached. This is the perfect option for short-term or one-time contributions. All submissions are processed and may not be published if they violate our code-of-ethics.

At this time, the Daily Planet can not pay contributors for their work. However, we’ll compensate creators by boosting their work online.


The Daily Planet also offers the opportunity for collaboration. If you’re trying to create your own brand, podcast or news source we’d be happy to help. The Planet is bigger than just @DailyPlanetDC. Reporting on the planet daily means sharing stories from everyone.

Why work with the Planet?

Why not? We’re a well established entrepreneurial multimedia platform that serves over 23,000 global citizens growing with each passing day. Much like our source of inspiration, DC Comics’ Metropolis paper of record, @DailyPlanetDC prides itself on journalistic integrity. We strive to tell meaningful stories in ways only limited by the authors imagination. We’re an open minded publication that welcomes growth through communal ideas. The Daily Planet is where heroes are born, and the story continues – we want you to be one of those heroes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Daily Planet, message the Planet on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can email us with any inquiries as well at

Guidelines for contributed works


Articles should be stories worth telling. The subject of these stories can be anything ranging from entertainment, profile pieces and politics. However, writing is not solely limited to this. The subject of a piece can be whatever the writer wants, they have complete creative control. All we ask is that its appropriate for a general audience. The use of extreme profanity or other harsh language will be omitted or not published. The use of AP style is encouraged in your writing.


Listicles are list articles. They are content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list. These articles are often titled “The 15 celebrities you didn’t know were dead” or “10 superheroes who can beat Batman, and 10 who can’t.” These pieces are popular on social media and often require a decent amount of research. Appropriate language and AP style are encouraged.


Visual pieces can be either photo heavy articles, slideshows, videos, stand alone photos, galleries, original illustrations and more. If it is a video, the Daily Planet will happily feature it on our YouTube Channel and share it on all of our social media platforms. We will also embed a contributors own project as well, as long as it reflects our code of ethics. We stress the use of appropriate behavior, language and gestures in this section. We also encourage creativity. Have fun with this medium.


Audio submissions are mostly podcast style stories full of individual opinions, reports on current events or just general discussion on variable topics from around the world. Complete creative control is granted for every submission and audio is no exception. Have fun.

Continually contribute content

To be a continual content contributor we ask that you email us with a brief statement regarding what you’re interested in doing. Feel free to ask any questions as well. We try not to turn anyone away. Please simply upload a file if you’re only interested in a one-time contribution. All submissions are looked over meticulously.

Get in touch

The Daily Planet prides itself on communication and answers almost every direct message on all of our platforms.

If you have any story ideas, content questions or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.