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The secret Hispanic history of Superman


In 1938, Action Comics published a tale of an orphaned infant, sent away from everything he knew to have a chance at a better life, raised in a culture not his own, taught a language not his own, struggled to belong as someone “different,” and through it all wanted nothing more than to be accepted and give back to the home that adopted him.


Jim Lee named President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer for DC


Jim Lee, the world-renowned artist, writer, editor, and publisher, was named President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer of the iconic comic book company, DC. The announcement was made today by Pam Lifford, President of Global Brands, Franchises, and Experiences at Warner Bros. Discovery, to whom Lee will continue to report.

DC announces Discover the secrets of the Titans


The Dark Crisis is over, the Justice League is no more and the Dawn of DC is upon us. The Titans have stepped up to become the DC Universe’s premier superhero team, and all eyes are on them but who are Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and Beast Boy? Where do they come from, and what do they stand for?

Knight terrors come for DC Heroes this summer


Following yesterday’s reveal of the kind of nightmares that could only haunt a Super-Villain, today DC is unveiling the Knight Terrors facing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Titans, and more this summer.

DC Comics launches Daily Planet webpage


DC Comics has launched a website designed to promote their latest publications. Their new Daily Planet webpage is a part of their main branded site and is designed to encourage readers to purchase the latest Superman comics.

DC celebrates Dawn of DC at WonderCon


Exclusive first looks were the theme of yesterday’s Dawn of DC panel at WonderCon 2023 in Anaheim, California. Fans in attendance got to hear directly from their favorite writers and artists, who shared details on upcoming storylines and revealed art that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.

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