Comic books are an iconic form of literature that laid the groundwork for the superhero genre with the creation of Superman and more. Here's our coverage on the subject.

Marvel Studios’ ‘The Marvels’ is cosmic insanity


The latest Marvel Studios chapter in the overarching narrative thrives due to the values of simplicity – the ability to be viewer-friendly while acting as a dip into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which is reinforced by its non-stop pure adrenaline approach and the creative choice to utilize a no-filler (just killer) mentality, carried by a one hour and 45 minute runtime.


‘Harley Quinn’ renewed for season five


The critically acclaimed Max Original adult-animated series “Harley Quinn” has been renewed for a fifth season. This biting and uproarious adult animated comedy follows Harley Quinn (voiced by executive producer Kaley Cuoco) as she strikes out on her own following her breakup with The Joker (Alan Tudyk).

Final trailer debuts for ‘The Marvels’


Last night Marvel Studios debuted the final trailer for “The Marvels” during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” game. The brand-new trailer, with a look back at The Avengers and the war against Thanos, sets up the stakes for Captain Marvel and her team as they go up against a formidable enemy.  

Remembering the talented Keith Giffen


Hold onto your capes, folks, because the comic world just lost one of its quirkiest and most irreverent talents. Keith Giffen, the ink-slinger extraordinaire, and one-time Inkpot Award winner, has bid us adieu at the sprightly age of 70.

‘Wonder Woman’ no.1 goes back to print


“Wonder Woman” no.1 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere heads back to press for a second printing! The new “Dawn of DC” launch has everyone chasing the first issue of King and Sampere’s new series—and within days of release, all issues of “Wonder Woman” no.1 have sold out at the distributor level.

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