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Minneapolis City Council adopts Mayor Frey’s 2024 City budget

The Lumen Technology Building and Minneapolis City Hall at Government Plaza in Minneapolis Minnesota. Photo by Zack Benz

MINNEAPOLIS— Today, Mayor Jacob Frey’s 2024 budget was adopted by the City Council. This budget marks the mayor’s first full, two-year budget cycle and shows the product of a collaborative effort between the mayor’s office, the budget team, City staff, and the City Council.

SpaceX’s Starship launch ends in explosion

Following a successful Saturday morning liftoff of the rocket Starship, SpaceX has announced that their unoccupied ship and a rocket booster exploded after a planned separation during their second launch on Nov. 18, 2023.

‘Harley Quinn’ renewed for season five


The critically acclaimed Max Original adult-animated series “Harley Quinn” has been renewed for a fifth season. This biting and uproarious adult animated comedy follows Harley Quinn (voiced by executive producer Kaley Cuoco) as she strikes out on her own following her breakup with The Joker (Alan Tudyk).

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