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Ma Kent’s easy apple pie

Certain foods are synonymous with particular holidays or times of year. For example, few people can imagine celebrating Valentine’s Day without ample supplies of chocolate on hand.


Taste the flavors of the Cultural Districts in Minneapolis


Minneapolis’ designated Cultural Districts each have things to do, see and visit, but perhaps the best way to get to know the districts is via the restaurants, coffee shops and markets owned by residents who share their unique cultural perspectives through the food and beverages they make, providing a tasty way to explore more of the city.

Harley Quinn’s breakfast sandwich

Like Harley Quinn in “Birds of Prey,” we all sometimes wish to start our lives anew. What better way than with Gotham City’s signature breakfast sandwich featured in the movie?

Ma Kent’s holiday turkey

Perhaps no day is more synonymous with a certain dish than Thanksgiving or Christmas is with turkey. As tasty as turkey can be, this flavorful fowl doesn’t find its way onto many families’ dinner tables unless it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving day.