Death of Superman then and now — How the event affected two brothers, 12 years apart

It’s weird to think the “Death of Superman” event is 30 years old. The milestone event came in a time where the DC comics leadership wanted to seemingly shake up the status quo in the Superman universe. The sales for the Superman comics were nowhere close to those of the new crop of antiheroes that were dominating comics at the time such as Spawn, Wolverine and Punisher, all coming from rival comic publications. 


Talk Ville talks ‘Crush’ with special guest

Canadian television director, cinematographer and producer Glenn Winter known for his work on “Smallville” and the Arrowverse guests on the latest episode of the “Smallville” rewatch podcast to discuss the 19th season one episode, “Crush.”

21 shows that got me through 2021

Why can’t there be a 2021 wrapped for the shows we watch? Brianna Taggart revisits the ones that helped her get through the year while gearing up for her first binges of 2022.

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