All Star Superfan Podcast

Two Irish Superfans explore the full 80 plus year legacy of the Man of Steel with fun filled retrospectives on all things Superman including movies, comics, television, video games, animation and even the 1940’s radio show!

Being a ‘Lois & Clark’ fan outside the USA (with Daniela Rod and Stuart Mulrain)

In our second and final special episode celebrating 30 years of “Lois & Clark”, Rob is joined by long-time listeners and friends of the show Daniela Rod and Stuart Mulrain—both of whom watched and loved “Lois & Clark” outside the USA.


36 — ’MAN OF STEEL’ — 10 year anniversary retrospective (with Zaki Hasan)

I WILL FIND HIM! Alan and Rob are joined by special guest and Superman fanatic Zaki Hasan (MovieFilm Podcast, Nostalgia Theater Podcast and Discovery Debrief) to reflect on the ten year anniversary of visionary director Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” — the gang reflect on the hype leading to the film, their first impressions, what they think now as well as the complicated legacy the film leaves behind.

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