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September 12, 2020

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About our online editions.

The Daily Planet proudly produces an online edition featuring both fictional and nonfictional stories. Learning the evolution of these digitized newspapers coincides with understanding the story of us, @DailyPlanetDC.

When @DailyPlanetDC launched on Twitter in February, 2014 it’s username was @Benz_Daily. The account was originally designed to be a fan based news source that shared current events and chronicled the adventures of role players in the twitter sphere.

Online editions had their start at the dawn of this new digitized Daily Planet. Founder, Zack Benz, created these digital newspapers using smart phones and tablets, along with other means. Zack would originally write the story in his notes on his iPhone, capture a screenshot and then layout the notes to form a digital newspaper — these were originally called e-editions.

Over time the online editions grew more involved drawing source inspiration from numerous outlets. Guest contributions were often accepted as well. Eventually our online editions assisted in paving the way for our website.

The Daily Planet’s online editions are published semi regularly on almost all of our online platforms.

Enjoy our ever expanding archive.

Online edition archive

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