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Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, dies at 54


Lisa Marie Presley, singer-songwriter and only child to music icon Elvis Presley passed away on Thursday evening, her mother confirmed. She was 54 years old. 


Jason David Frank: A tribute to a true hero

When I heard the news of Frank’s death being caused by suicide, I was, like everyone who was a fan of the Power Rangers, was shocked. How could a man who was so humble and friendly to  fans he came across at comic conventions choose to take his own life? What drove him down this dark path?  We may not get the answers nor may we ever know what went on in the mind of a man who, little did we know, was troubled in the final days of his life. 

Anne Heche dies after car crash


Actress Anne Heche, who had been in a coma since a car crash last week, was declared “brain-dead” and is being kept alive on life-support to see if her organs are viable for donation, one of her representatives said to The New York Times Friday.

Remembering Neal Adams


DC joins the world in mourning the loss of Neal Adams, one of the most acclaimed artists to have contributed to the comic book industry.