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Beloved ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry passes away

Just yesterday, we would react to a “Friends” post, saying, “A few decades from now, one of the ‘Friends’ is going to no longer be with us, and our children will wonder why we’re in our rooms, clapping every twenty minutes.” I never thought it would happen this soon. He was only 54.  


Remembering the talented Keith Giffen


Hold onto your capes, folks, because the comic world just lost one of its quirkiest and most irreverent talents. Keith Giffen, the ink-slinger extraordinaire, and one-time Inkpot Award winner, has bid us adieu at the sprightly age of 70.

This is not Rachel Pollack’s obituary

I wanted to write an obituary for Rachel Pollack, but I can’t. I can, however, mix letters and words, I can write some pretty but vague description of her life, I can ask language models to shape semi-well-crafted paragraphs into something the resembles a decent obituary, but in reality, I cannot write Rachel Pollack’s obituary.

Jason David Frank: A tribute to a true hero

When I heard the news of Frank’s death being caused by suicide, I was, like everyone who was a fan of the Power Rangers, was shocked. How could a man who was so humble and friendly to  fans he came across at comic conventions choose to take his own life? What drove him down this dark path?  We may not get the answers nor may we ever know what went on in the mind of a man who, little did we know, was troubled in the final days of his life. 

Anne Heche dies after car crash


Actress Anne Heche, who had been in a coma since a car crash last week, was declared “brain-dead” and is being kept alive on life-support to see if her organs are viable for donation, one of her representatives said to The New York Times Friday.