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Writer and editor of Comic Books, audio-editor and director of podcasts and audiodramas, and independent journalist between countries. Beyond the Daily Planet you can find me ArcbeatlePress, "Aquele Outro Podcast Sobre Quadrinhos" and "Muralha da Fonte".

Domestic Terrorism and the false patriotism of culture wars

More than 1 million people gathered in São Paulo on April 16, 1984, calling for direct elections. Picture by Renato dos Anjos

PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL— The recent decision by the Porto Alegre City Council to designate January 8 as “Patriot’s Day” is nothing short of a disheartening turn in our nation’s narrative.

This is not Rachel Pollack’s obituary

I wanted to write an obituary for Rachel Pollack, but I can’t. I can, however, mix letters and words, I can write some pretty but vague description of her life, I can ask language models to shape semi-well-crafted paragraphs into something the resembles a decent obituary, but in reality, I cannot write Rachel Pollack’s obituary.

Missouri execution reignites conversation on capitol punishment


Amber McLaughlin, 49, had been convicted of stalking and killing an ex-girlfriend and then dumping her body near the Mississippi River in St. Louis. McLaughlin’s fate was sealed on Tuesday (3), when Republican Governor Mike Parson turned down a plea for clemency.