Krypton Report

Krypton Report is a podcast that provides insight on all things Kryptonian.

Titans has ended

Tyler and James talk about the end of “DC Titans” in this Krypton Report.


Head On

 Tyler and James discuss “Superman & Lois” season 3 News, Legion episodes, DC Comics and more.

Too Close to Home

Tyler and James discuss last week’s episode of “Superman & Lois,” “Too Close to Home,” on the latest Krypton Report.

In Cold Blood

Tyler and James discuss “Superman & Lois'” third season 3 episode “In Cold Blood,” recent news, comics and the Legion episode.

Uncontrollable Forces

Tyler and James discuss  “Superman & Lois'” second season 3 episode “Uncontrollable Forces,” news, 5 years since “Krypton” and more. 

Legion of Superheroes animated film

Tyler, James, Bryan and Solomon talk about the “Legion of Superheroes” animated films and 5 things they want and 5 things they don’t want from James Gunn’s proposed “Superman Legacy.”

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