Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey

Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey is a podcast hosted by Anthony Desiato examining Krypton’s Last Son across time and media, with deep dives into the creative visions, character elements, eras, and individual stories that have shaped the Man of Steel for more than 80 years.

For the Man Who Has Everything

Host Anthony Desiato and guest Tyler Patrick (Krypton Report podcast) dig into the classic Bronze Age capper “For the Man Who Has Everything” by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, along with its adaptations on “Justice League Unlimited” and “Supergirl.”


All-Star Superman

Host Anthony Desiato digs into the modern classic “All-Star Superman” by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely with guest Mike Sangregorio. They discuss the how the story depicts Superman and his humanity, its distillation of the character’s entire mythology, and the 2011 animated adaptation written by the late Dwayne McDuffie. 

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