The Best Produce To Grow for Beginning Farms

The best produce to grow for beginning farms

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Taking up the responsibilities of farming involves making the right choices for your land, which includes choosing the best crops.

There is certain produce you can grow on your farm for an easier beginning and bountiful harvest. Read on to learn the best produce to grow on your beginner farm and feel like a professional.


Many people worldwide love potatoes, and they make a wonderful crop to grow on any farm. Potatoes produce more food than most plants due to their efficient water use. Your potatoes will be ready in an average of 90 days. Growth will be quick and efficient, with more potatoes continuing to grow unless the ground freezes.

Plant potatoes in small plot sections since they don’t need much space to sprout. Make sure you plant them in early to mid-spring to harvest them in the early fall.


Berries come in many delicious variations. They’re among the best produce for beginning farmers to grow due to the plentiful amount you’ll harvest and the ease of raising them. Plant strawberries and blackberries for easy growth and harvesting.

Strawberry plants will survive in most climates if they receive full sun and bear fruit within three weeks of sprouting. They can produce berries all summer, depending on the variety you have. Blackberries are some of the most delicious berries to grow on your farm. And as perennials, blackberry plants’ roots will last into the next year.

The top part of the plant is biennial and will grow in the first year, produce berries the following year, and then die. However, the perennial roots will ensure more canes replace the ones lost. You’ll need to prune the dead branches, but with moist soil and proper maintenance, you’ll begin picking more berries multiple times throughout the week.

Leafy Greens

Leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach, are great for your farm. They quickly mature and will grow soon after you plant the seeds. Beginning farmers can plant this type of produce to fill out their fields.

These plants are low maintenance, and you’ll have an easier time raising mass quantities of them throughout the year. Grow various leafy vegetables, such as radishes, leeks, and beets, for a nice spread to enjoy and sell.

Beginning farming takes significant work to produce a successful harvest. Use these options for produce to start your work as a farmer with the best crops to grow and sell.

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