Suenary is a first generation American with Cambodian and Lao heritage. She is a creative writer with a passion in cultural and identity exploration. Suenary is a University of Minnesota Duluth International Studies graduate.

A text from Karen’s sister

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The following is a form of artistic expression and contains some strong language. The Daily Planet prides itself on being a constructive outlet that allows individuals a chance to use their voice.

I don’t know who you think you are,
but if you think Karen is racist,
you must not know what that word means.
With everything going on in the world,
why would someone not pronouncing your name correctly mean they are racist?
Like what the fuck.
Your message was anything but correct,
accusing someone of untrue things, all because of what?
She couldn’t pronounce your name?
And you’re just making shit up.

The world is dealing with real big issues right now.
This isn’t one of them.
If you really thought this way
you would have,
I don’t know,
unfollowed her?
Spreading hate,
I mean what is the point?
There is no point
in sending those long
is a loving,
caring person
with the biggest heart I know.
And LOTS of people,
of all backgrounds,
can agree.
And guess what?
Not a fuckin racist.
So back the fuck up before you go around sending hate that isn’t even true because you don’t know her.

No one cares about how you say your name.
You’re not a celebrity.

Karen only has love and respect in her heart for everyone.

And for someone who is also in the journalism field,
you think you would know to check the facts before writing it on paper.
False facts
and accusations
can get you
into trouble.
Spread love,
not hate.
Be kind.

because you were in fact the one to initially send her
a nasty
for NO reason.
That goes to show,
and proves
to everyone, she is a better person
already than you will ever be.

Sincerely, me.

P.s. You also have your name pronunciation in your bio
lots of people make this mistake. Did you call them racist too?

Dude this is so stupid.
You called her racist.
She is not.
The end.

Pronouncing your name wrong isn’t racist.
Stay in your own lane.

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