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Lex Luthor Guilty AND Innocent!

by Ron Troupe, Daily Planet Senior Staff Reporter


Lex Luthor was cleared of all outstanding criminal charges today as a result of a surprising revelation – the real criminal was Lex Luthor!

Metropolis’ S.T.A.R. labs, in cooperation with independent scientific expert Dr. John Henry Irons, confirmed the identity of a previously unidentified man found dead earlier this week in Gotham City. DNA testing in addition to other advanced scientific findings proved that the deceased was actually the Lex Luthor of a parallel dimension. While Luthor himself has long professed his innocence he lacked the means to provide definitive proof. 

“The man you see here is me, but from another reality ” explained Luthor in an impromptu speech given at S.T.A.R. labs. “A reality where Lex Luthor was a man of madness, not of business.”

Exactly when the former President was replaced by his doppelganger is uncertain. “The existing criminal charges don’t matter too much at this point,” said Jake Hogan, Daily Planet consulting legal expert. “If having a crazy duplicate from another dimension running around impersonating you doesn’t qualify as ‘reasonable doubt’ then I don’t know what does.”

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