The 52 special

Luthor comeback continues

by Ron Troupe


Just one year ago, Lex Luthor was considered a national disgrace-a corrupt U.S. President who abused his power and his office. Today, his reputation is almost completely rehabilitated. After his premature departure from the presidency, due to actions he now says were not his own, he made a triumphant return to his company, LexCorp, and initiated the popular Everyman Project, which grants super powers to ordinary people. This week marked the opening of the Lex Luthor School of International Business Studies. It cannot be denied that these are good days indeed for the once and present most powerful businessman in Metropolis. Luthor agreed to short interview at the opening ceremony for the new school that bears his name.

Daily Planet: You’re a self-made man who dropped out of high school and never attended college. Why open a school? Is this just more P.R. image rehab?

Lex Luthor: You wound me. Just because my own personal circumstances denied me a formal education does not mean that I don’t see the value in having one. And there is great value in being responsible for the shaping of young minds, the encouragement of fresh ideas-which is what this school is for.

DP: You’ve made a pretty convincing case that an identical duplicate of you was responsible for the acts that brought about your downfall as President. Are you saying you’re completely free of any blame?

LL: The only blame I’ll accept is for not being able to finish my term of office. I believe the American people would have been able to see for themselves my deep commitment to them and to this country. But that’s the past. I’m focused on the future.

DP: After the opening of your school, someone accused you of using the Everyman Project as a means to control people by giving them powers and taking them away at your whim. What’s your response?

LL: The ravings of a very deluded and disturbed individual. I hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

DP: How do you feel about the fact that Superman has been missing for nearly six months?

LL: The world seems to have gone on just fine without him.

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