The 52 special

Black Adam’s Halloween Hooey

by Dirk Armstrong, Daily Planet Columnist


Who was actually fooled by the fraud perpetrated by Black Adam and his companions in Boston? Are we to believe this notorious arch-criminal, executioner, and conqueror of a sovereign nation has turned over a new leaf and is now the protector of our children?

Who really believes that Black Adam, his wife Isis, and their new junior partner, the young man called Osiris, are now our defenders against such demonic forces as this “Sabbac” character? How convenient that this large, horned, cloven-hoofed creature, who refers to himself as “the king of devils,” showed up in Beantown to stomp through its streets and grab any children in his path-on Halloween night!

Not only did Adam and his posse try to put one over on us, they didn’t even do it with a shred of originality. What’s next? An attack by a giant killer bunny on Easter Sunday?

I’ll give them this-their ruse was elaborate. It had to be, for both Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. to be involved. These two had fairly unblemished reputations until now, due in no small part to their association with Captain Marvel-a figure about as controversial as Curious George.

But from all eyewitness accounts, Mary and Junior were content to merely stand on the sidelines as admiring observers once Black Adam and his acolytes arrived to stop Sabbac’s “rampage.”

Which means Mary and Junior were either accomplices or just plain gullible. Either scenario makes them unfit to serve as heroes and role models in our society.

It is truly frightening to see children now looking up to individuals such as Black Adam, but it’s also understandable. Take Dwight Bryant. This nine-year-old and three of his friends were supposedly saved by Isis as Sabbac tried to snatch them. It’s only natural that Dwight would subsequently proclaim that the Captain Marvel outfit he wore for Halloween was no longer acceptable. As he told his friends before rushing home excitedly, “I’m painting this costume black!”

Even more frightening is the fact that many grown men and women have bought into this illusion as well. Will we next embrace the Joker if that maniacal mass murderer says he really didn’t mean to kill all those people and saves a kitten stuck in a tree?

The question we must ask is: What did Black Adam hope to gain from this ruse? Our trust? Is he trying to soften us up for when he tries to conquer us the way he conquered Kahndaq?

We must be vigilant, my friends-vigilant and skeptical. The stakes are too high.

This Halloween, we have something very real to fear.

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