The 52 special

52 Desktop Pattern

Exclusive Downloadable 52

Can’t wait for 52? Can’t afford your own 52? Now you can download and construct this actual size 52!

Jimmy Olsen Desktop

Download this tribute to the Daily Planet’s favorite shutterbug!

Jimmy Olsen Desktop 2

Download this updated tribute to the Daily Planet’s favorite shutterbug!

Mayor Oliver Queen

Download this exclusive mini poster of Mayor Oliver Queen!

Lex Corp. New Years Party Hat

Download this exclusive Lex Corp. New Year’s party hat!

Black Marvel Family Holiday E-Card

Download this special Holiday Card brought to you by the Black Marvel Family.

TEN-EYED Optometry

Download this exclusive TEN-EYED Optometry coupon to receive a free eye exam!

Official Supernova Cut-Out Mask

Just in time for Halloween, download this exclusive Supernova cut-out mask!

Special Magazine subscription card

Get 52% off your favorite magazine titles with this exclusive subscription card!

Infinite Crisis: The Novel

Read an excerpt from Infinite Crisis: The Novel!

EZ Caskets coupon

Get a EZ Caskets special discount with this coupon!

Booster Gold trading plate

Be the first on your node to download this collectable Signature Trading Plate!

Big Belly Burger

Eat 10 Belly Bloater Burgers and get the 11th Free with this Big Belly Burger punch card!

Sēnor Gyro

Download Señor Gyro’s collectible recipe card!

Progene Desktop Patterm

Download this soothing desktop pattern!

Lit Drink Coaster

Rest your drink on this fine Lit coaster featuring the Lit Girl of the Month: Candi!

Remember Büdhaven

Make a donation and show your support for the tragic plight of the people of the city of Blüdhaven.

Lex Oil Desktop Pattern

Download a bold advertorial statement directly to your desktop!

DEO TPS Report

Download the DEO’s Traitorious Persons Sighting Report and help the DEO help you.

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