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Kahndaq To Open Embassy in Big Apple

by Josef Schuman, Daily Planet Senior Staff Reporter


Karim Abdadam, acting as a spokesman for the ruler of the middle-eastern nation of Kahndaq announced the official opening of the Kahndaqi embassy in New York City. “The people of Kahndaq are proud to be members of the international community,” said Abdadam. “It is our sincere desire that, through our dedication, Kahndaq be admired for its diplomacy and leadership”. 

However it is precisely this “leadership” that has the global community, NATO and other world leaders on edge. Earlier this week Khandqi leader Teth-Adam, also known as the infamous Black Adam, made headlines as he personally foiled an attempted suicide bomb attack in his capital city by disarming the would-be terrorist – literally. Denouncing terrorism in general and insulting the attacker personally, the super-powered de facto dictator tore the perpetrators arms from his body shortly after tossing the explosive device out of harms way. With the exception of the attacker, nobody was injured.

While many applaud Kahndaq’s hard stance on terrorism and their ongoing, some say miraculous, economic recovery efforts following last years coup-de-tat others are less optimistic. “He’s a sociopath!” said Max Reyes, resident New Yorker. “I guess if you want a world full of crazy maniacs then this embassy is a good idea.”

While the powerful Black Adam may be able to shrug off controversy with a flick of his magical muscles it remains to be seen exactly how the all-too-human Khadaqi diplomats will fare on the world stage by having their national identity inexorably intertwined with a former super villain.

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