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Review: The INFINITE CRISIS novel

by Angela Chen


Penguin Group (USA), Inc. has provided the Daily Planet with an exclusive excerpt of its controversial new nonfiction book chronicling the recent Crisis. INFINITE CRISIS, published by Penguin imprint Ace Books and written by Daily Planet reporter Greg Cox, has been alternately hailed as an in-depth retelling of one of Earth’s darkest hours and criticized for coming too soon after the tragic events it depicts. The book went on sale in bookstores nationwide on October 3rd. 

From in-depth interviews with many of the super heroes who fought the OMAC menace, battled the villainous Superboy-Prime, and faced down the Society of Super Villains, along with eyewitness accounts from normal citizens and extensive background reporting, Cox has created a full narrative of what has come to be known as Earth’s second great Crisis. The missing heroes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are featured heavily in the book.

“While I approached the narrative as if it were a novel,” Cox said, “I was careful to take no creative liberties. Every action-packed moment was thoroughly documented, and I’m confident every word in the book is accurate to what happened. While the story is very dire at times, in the end I believe it to be an uplifting account of great heroism and bravery.”

Some prominent members of the media have criticized Cox and his publisher for publishing an account of the cataclysmic Crisis, in which many citizens, heroes, and even aliens lost their lives, only a few months after the disasters documented in the book. None of the super heroes featured in Cox’s work were available for comment. But consumer interest is high, and advance reviewers have praised the book for telling a complicated story clearly and well, with new details not covered in contemporary newspaper accounts of the Crisis.

You can read an excerpt of the book HERE.

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