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New Infinity, Inc. debuts, loses member

by Lois Lane


A new Infinity, Inc. made its debut, battling the latest incarnation of the rampaging, super-powered man-brute called Blockbuster. But the team’s first mission ended in tragedy when one of its members, a girl codenamed Trajectory, was brutally decapitated by the out-of-control behemoth.

Trajectory, aka 18-year-old Eliza Harmon, was inspired to become a super hero after catching a glimpse of the speedster known as Impulse when he was in her hometown of Manchester, Alabama. She then went to Metropolis and signed up for Lex Luthor’s “Everyman Project,” which is dedicated to granting incredible super-powers to ordinary human beings. Through Luthor’s project, Harmon gained super-speed. But this power failed her at a crucial moment, allowing Blockbuster to grab her and separate her head from her body with his bare hands.

It is unknown whether this Blockbuster has any connection to the original one, Mark Desmond, or Desmond’s brother, Roland, who became the second Blockbuster and controlled nearly all organized crime in Bludhaven for a time. Reportedly, the new Blockbuster is even stronger and wilder than his predecessors.

The team had managed to subdue him before another super-team, the current Teen Titans, showed up to help. The Titans, consisting of Beast Boy, Raven, Zachary Zatara, Power Boy, and Little Barda, offered to take Blockbuster into custody. The man-brute then renewed his attack, killing Trajectory in the process, before being captured by the Titans. According to eyewitness reports, the members of Infinity, Inc. were too shocked by the death of their teammate to take action. 

“They were frozen in place, just staring at her head and crying,” said 61-year-old tourist Peter Daltrey of London, England, who was an eyewitness on the scene.

Infinity, Inc. was founded by the sons and daughters of the original Justice Society of America, but disbanded several years ago. The team name and its respective trademarks were purchased recently by Luthor to be used in conjunction with his Everyman Project. The current team, now consisting of Starlight, Fury, Skyman, Everyman, and Nuklon, has no connection to the original lineup.

Trajectory was buried in her hometown. Her teammates and the Teen Titans attended the funeral. Luthor delivered the eulogy and left immediately thereafter. He has declined to comment on why Trajectory’s speed-powers failed her and whether the process that gives Everyman Project participants their abilities might be flawed in some way.

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