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Lola’s Lair: Starlight has ‘Star Quality’

by Lola Barnett, Daily Planet Columnist


There’s a new shining star among the super hero set, kiddies, and it’s not Supernova. No, that mysterious masked man is positively passé at this point. He-and just about every other costumed crimefighter-has been eclipsed by Starlight, the fresh-faced, outspoken, and adorable young lady who’s helped make the new incarnation of Infinity, Inc. such a sensation.

I’m hearing that every book-publishing company in the U.S. is scrambling to sign her to a contract to write her autobiography, and that even Hollywood has come calling.

It’s not just her fabulous figure and her uber-cool uniform that are making tongues wag all over town. As part of a hot new super hero team and a proven life-saver, she’s someone that young girls can look up to, and their parents don’t have to worry about it. And there’s also the maturity and self-assurance with which she carries herself. This gal hasn’t been in the spotlight for very long, but she comes off like an old pro. I haven’t seen a heroine this confident in front of the camera since Wonder Woman made her debut.

Any doubters can just check out her appearance on Jack Ryder’s television show “You Are Wrong!” to see for themselves. (Check your local listings) Starlight came off as poised, calm, eloquent, and passionate about her work.

Contrast that with the other guest who was on Ryder’s show that night: Dr. John Henry Irons, aka Steel, who came off as a closed-minded, humorless, paranoid elitist. Not only is he vehemently opposed to the popular “Everyman Program” that brought us Starlight and her Infinity, Inc. compatriots, but the dour doc is also on an anti-Lex Luthor kick that could eventually open him up to a defamation-of-character lawsuit. (For one thing, Doc, former President Luthor has made a fairly compelling case that he wasn’t responsible for the misdeeds attributed to him when he was our Commander in Chief-or don’t you read the papers?) Ridiculing Luthor right now, when he’s granting fabulous super powers to everyday, normal people, is akin to committing character assassination against Santa Claus.

No word yet on whether there’s a man currently lighting up Starlight’s life. I do hear, though, that Beast Boy is hot to get her to join the Teen Titans. Watch out, BB! A certain Mr. Luthor might have something to say about that!

Life in the big city, kiddies, life in the big city.

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