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DC Future State: Arrowverse style –– everything new coming to the CW-verse

The Arrowverse family is back in town

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The CW Network is hard at work on several new Arrowverse and DC TV shows for the DC Fandom. Viewers saw how the network dealt with the aftermath of their five part mega crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Arrow came to end after eight seasons, marking the end of an era for the hero who started it all. Fans were hoping to see his successor, Green Arrow and the Canaries, attempt to fill in his shows, but unfortunately the CW has passed on giving Mia Smoak a series of her own, leaving her fate at the end of her backdoor pilot in the final season a mystery.

Not only did Arrow end but two more fan favorites will be taking a bow after the 2021 television season. Supergirl is ending after 6 seasons and Black Lightning is ending after four seasons.

The CW’s push to bring more DC characters to life is far from over. 2019-2020’s Crisis on infinite Earths event essentially prolonged the Arrowverse’s life span. Multiple shows are premiering or in the early stages of development.

Premiering February 23, is Superman and Lois. Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane will be sharing the spotlight in this Arrowverse spin off.

Superman & Lois | Family Crest | Season Trailer | The CW; Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, February 23.

What makes this show different from previous Superman TV shows and movies is that the series will follow DC’s famous couple as they tackle the many ups and downs of parenthood. If saw Crisis on infinite Earths then you would know that the couple’s children, Johnathan and Jordan Kent, were teased at the end following the creation of Earth-Prime.

The iconic couple were just seen having only baby Johnathan before the Crisis began. Due to the big Multiverse reboot caused by The Spectre (Oliver Queen), formerly know as Green Arrow, their history was changed so that they now have two sons. Superman and Lois is scheduled to premiere Tuesday February 23.

While Superman & Lois is The CW Official new DC TV show slated for the 2021 season, the network is in early stages on a few other DC superhero dramas for the following TV season.

With the end of Black Lightning looming, Jordan Calloway’s Khalil Payne a.k.a Painkiller is being eyed for a potential spin off of his own. Calloway’s character was given an order for backdoor pilot during Black Lightning’s final season.

Photo Courtesy: Screen Rant

Painkiller would follow Khalil’s joinery outside of Freeland as a anti-hero establishing himself in Akashic Valley. The backdoor pilot will air as episode 7 of the fourth and final season, which is set to air sometime in March.

If Painkiller is given the green light by the CW, it will be executive produced by Black Lightning creator/showrunner, Salim Akil. A fun fact to mention is if given the okay, Painkiller will serve as the first show set in the Arrowverse where main character will be an anti hero instead of the traditional superhero.

The CW’s mission for inclusion and diversity remains in full effect with the announcement of a ‘Wonder Girl’ series in development at the network.

Wonder Woman’s presence has teased in the Arrowverse for the past few seasons so when the announcement for new series focused on the Amazons were announced, it was a surprised that not only a series on Wonder Girl was in development but that it would a Amazon with Hispanic background.

Wonder Girl has always been a title held by Cassie Sansdmark and Donna Troy, two variations that can be seen on different DC comics shows that are currently on.

The CW Wonder Girl will be Yara Flor, a recently created incarnation of Wonder Girl, who will debut in DC Comics new comic book event, Future State.

Wonder Girl Concept Art; Photo Courtesy: Deadline

Yara Flor, at least the Arrowverse Yara Flor, will be the daughter of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brailizian God, discovering her inner hero and set off on her own journey to become a hero.

The diversity does not end with Wonder Girl.

Naomi, a new character to join the DC Comics family, is being brought to life with the help of Ava DuVernay, who is also serving as one of the brains behind the upcoming New Gods project and HBO’s upcoming limited series, DMZ.

Naomi will follow well… Naomi, Naomi McDuffie to be exact, as she goes on a journey that will somehow involve the multiverse. After her hometown is affected by a supernatural event, Naomi will go on a path to discover “its origins” with conclusions that will change public opinion about superheroes.

This series has the potential to be set on an alternate earth in the Arrowverse. The character, Naomi, made her comic book debut in 2019.

Wonder Girl, Naomi and Painkiller are all in early stages of development and do not have set release dates.

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