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CW’s ‘Naomi’ series premiere showcases the talent of tomorrow

Kaci Walfall as Naomi. Photo by Fernando Decillis/The CW

Hollywood continues to highlight the next generation of entertainers making waves across all platforms. For example, there’s Tom Holland’s “Spider Man” smashing box office numbers as the sixth-highest grossing movie in America.

Supergirl Series ends with few bumps and happy endings

Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers. Photo courtesy of The CW

After more than six years of battling villains from both earth and the stars, all star superhero teams up, network changes and inspiring young girls everywhere with her heroic deeds, Supergirl hung up her cape in a befitting two-part series finale. Supergirl’s time on television screens worldwide will forever be remembered. 

‘Pokemon Presents’ provides updates about upcoming games


The Pokémon Company released a new Pokémon Presents video presentation on Wednesday morning, showcasing the latest news on new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch including “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond,” “Shining Pearl” and “Pokémon Legends: Arceus.”

Dougray Scott and Wallis Day will not be returning for Batwoman

Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane on 'Batwoman.' Photo by Bettina Strauss/The CW

After the season 2 finale aired on June 27, leaving fans with more questions than answers, the trades have confirmed that series regular Dougray Scott will not return for Season 3 of “The CW” superhero drama. For those who don’t know, Scott was known for his role as Commander Jacob Kane, father of Kate Kane and Alice, and has been with the show since season one. 

‘Batman: The Long Halloween: Part 1’ is a gripping crime thriller that leaves you with more questions than answers


Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s 1996 critically acclaimed graphic novel, “Batman: The Long Halloween,” was given the green light to be turned into an animated movie. The movie finally arrived after months of anticipation, and it did not disappoint.

NYC Mayoral Candidates take on different approaches to police reform

NYC Mayoral Candidate Dianne Morales at the Barclays Center following the Derek Chauvin Verdict. Photo by Jahlil Rush

It is true that crime is on the rise in New York City during both the height of the pandemic and in its aftermath. Public safety is a top priority for the 2021 New York City Mayoral Candidates but only the progressive candidates are presenting solutions that can help lower the city’s increasing crime wave.

Coachella Music Festival to return in Spring 2022

Photo by Arthur Edelmans on Unsplash

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will return in April 2022 after being postponed for nearly two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to their website. The popular festival announced their upcoming return via social media on Tuesday, June 1 after teasing the announcement over the Memorial Day weeked.

Supergirl 6×01: Final season premiere review

David Harewood as Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz, Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Jesse Rath as Brainiac-5. Photo by Dean Buscher/The CW

COVID-19 forced the Arrowverse to navigate murky waters with their production styles. “Superman and Lois” has taken a rather large hiatus due to the pandemic, causing a delay in production but a plus was given to the DC Comics fandom. The final season premiere of “Supergirl” aired earlier than planned to serve as a substitution for the Girl of Steel’s cousin and the super friends did not disappoint.

Jordan Fisher cast as Bart Allen in CW’s ‘The Flash’

Photo courtesy of Jordan Fisher

Bart Allen will be appearing in CW’s The Flash. Jordan Fisher has been cast as the future speedster in The CW show’s seventh season. Fisher role in the Arrowverse community will serve as a guest starring role. Fisher’s Bart Allen appearance will coincide with The CW show’s milestone 150th episode, which will air later in the show’s seventh season as the 17th episode.

Avatar Studios: The Beginning of a fan-favorite era

Photo Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon recently announced the launch of “Avatar Studios,” a newly developed division whose mission is to create original content that resides in the Avatar world. Avatar Studios will be the home to original animated series and movies that will be set in the same universe as “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and its sequel series, “The Legend of Korra.”

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