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‘Young Justice’ drops season 4 sneak peek, first two episodes at DC FanDome 2021

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After Season 3’s surprising revival and spectacular cliffhanger of “Young Justice: Outsiders,” Fans of DC Comics sat patiently waiting for news about the teenage superhero drama’s future.

Their patience was rewarded DC FanDome 2021. Young Justice Season 4, titled Young Justice: Phantoms surprisingly dropped the first two episodes of the seasons. Episodes 1 and 2 are currently streaming on HBO Max.

The trailer shows original team Members Miss Martian and Superboy and season 2 team member, Beast Boy embark on a what seems to be a dangerous mission off-world.

The trailer also gave fans glimpse into Artemis, who is operating as Tigress, and how she is confronting her past being a part of a family of assassins as well as her relationship will recurring villain, Cheshire.

Young Justice Season 4 Trailer

It was announced at DC FanDome 2021 that every Thursday will be the home to new episodes of the series after its DC FanDome appearance.

Season 4 of Young Justice will primarily focus on the original team minus their lost team members, including Zatanna and Rocket who both joined the team later on in season 1 and are currently Justice League members.

The line-up of the Young Justice team at the end of Season 1
 DC Entertainment / Warner Brothers Animation

Young Justice first two seasons ran on Cartoon Network from 2010-2013. Produced by Brandon Vietti, whose animation resume includes 2001’s Jackie Chan Adventures and 2010s “Batman: Under the Red Hood,” and Greg Weisman who worked on Disney’s Gargoyles and Star Wars Rebels, the show follows the lives of DC comics most notable sidekicks.

The sidekicks served as covert ops teams by the Justice League while also proving to themselves and others as heroes in their own rights. The show was eventually cancelled after its two season run but returned after multiple massive campaigns from fans of the show.

New episodes of “Young Justice: Phantoms” will air every Thursday beginning October 21 on HBO Max. The first two episodes are out now on the streaming service.

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