Black Lightning spin-off in development for The CW

Black Lightning spinoff "Painkiller" starring Jordan Calloway set as backdoor pilot at The CW Netowrk.

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The CW Network has ordered a pilot for a “Black Lightning” spin-off. The spin-off will center around Black Lightning character “Painkiller.”

According to a report from Variety, the pilot will be airing as a planned spin-off episode during Season 4 of Black lightning. Jordan Calloway is set to reprise his role as Painkiller for the upcoming spin off.

The backdoor pilot will air as the seventh episode of Season 4 of Black Lightning, which has a February 2021 premiere date.

Black Lightning “Painkiller” Instagram post

Calloway has been a member of the Black Lightning cast since season 1. He first appeared in a reoccuring role before being promoted to a series regular for season 2.

Calloway has also appeared in the neighboring CW show “Riverdale.”

Painkiller spin off is a production of Warner Bros. Television. Berlanti productions, which produces Black lightning and othe DC comics series is not behind this show, according to Deadline.

Painkiller spin-off will follow Khalil Payne, former student of Garfield High School in Freeland and man riddled with guilt from his trouble past, as he separates himself from his loves one and establish himself in a new city, Akashic Valley.

Payne will slowly find himself dragged back into action as Painkiller as he takes on threats both new and old.

Black Lightning Show-runner, Salim Akil, will write, executive produce and direct the spin of backdoor pilot. Painkiller is a comic book character that made its debut in 1995 and was created by Tony Isabella and Eddie Newell.

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