‘Invincible’ is charming, shocking and utterly brilliant fun

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The newest adult animated superhero series, “Invincible” premiered to instant praise on Amazon Prime Video. Created by Robert Kirkman, “Invincible” explores Mark Grayson, a teenager with the most powerful superhero as a father, as he discovers his own powers and truly becomes Invincible.

Undoubtedly, “Invincible” is another series from Amazon Prime Video that shows that they deliver top-tier comic book content for their viewers. With “Invincible’s” twisted takes on familiar superhero tropes and enough blood and gore that it definitely earns its R-rating, “Invincible” is a perfect show. Charming, shocking, and utterly brilliant, “Invincible” should definitely be added to your watchlist if it’s not added already.

Watch Destiny’s full review for “Invincible” season 1 now.

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