‘Invincible’ is charming, shocking and utterly brilliant fun

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The newest adult animated superhero series, “Invincible” premiered to instant praise on Amazon Prime Video. Created by Robert Kirkman, “Invincible” explores Mark Grayson, a teenager with the most powerful superhero as a father, as he discovers his own powers and truly becomes Invincible.

Undoubtedly, “Invincible” is another series from Amazon Prime Video that shows that they deliver top-tier comic book content for their viewers. With “Invincible’s” twisted takes on familiar superhero tropes and enough blood and gore that it definitely earns its R-rating, “Invincible” is a perfect show. Charming, shocking, and utterly brilliant, “Invincible” should definitely be added to your watchlist if it’s not added already.

Watch Destiny’s full review for “Invincible” season 1 now.

Destiny Ricks

Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Destiny Ricks doesn’t describe herself as the typical Southern Belle. Growing up, Ricks often lost herself in the various fascinating worlds she found in literature and comic books, particularly with Batman. Her mother, an educator, instilled a love of reading and writing in her and once her brother gifted her a camera, the rest, as they say, is history. On her YouTube channel, Ricks discusses and analyzes films and often geeks out about the latest comic book properties. Ricks is a nerd through and through and you can find her at her most chaotic on her Twitter.

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