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Titans reveals Scarecrow casting

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Fans have been teased on the appearance of the “Master of Fear” (Scarcrow) in HBO Max’s Titans Season 3 since DC Fandome last year and now it has been officially confirmed, with actor Vincent Kartheiser cast as the infamous Jonathan Crane.

Kartheiser’s Jonathan Crane is an inmate at Arkham Asylum. He used to terrorize Gotham City using toxins to exploit his enemies’ phobias. Scarecrow, unlike his fellow rouges, has had a significant amount of appearances before the show. 

Scarecrow has already appeared in a number of DC titles including “The Adventures of Batman,” “Harley Quinn” and “The Lego Batman Movie.” Charlie Tahan previously portrayed the villain on Fox’s “Gotham,” and Cillian Murphy played the character in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and had small appearances through the trilogy.

Kartheiser is known for his appearance as Pete Campbell in AMC’s “Mad Men.” His additional television credits include Hulu’s “Casual” and “The Path, Saints & Strangers,” “Das Boot” and “The OA.” He has appeared in the films “A Kind of Murder,” “In Time,” “Most Likely to Murder,” and “The Most Hated Woman in America.”

Titans has already cast many iconic characters from the DC Universe like Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake (the third Robin), McKinley Freeman as Justin Cole, Sharon Ferguson as Queen Luand’r (Mother of Starfire, played by Anna Diop) and her sister Blackfire (Damaris Lewis).

The show is expected to premiere on HBO Max in late 2021.

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