Former ‘Batwoman’ star Ruby Rose accuses WB and The CW of misconduct

Actress Ruby Rose revealed the real reason for her departure from CW's "Batwoman."

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Actress Ruby Rose, who was the lead for the first season of CW’s “Batwoman,” took it to Instagram revealing the real reason for her departure from the show.

The actress revealed her disturbing experience throughout the troubled production of the first season of “Batwoman” through Instagram stories.

She talked about the mistreatment of the cast and crew by the people with power—the producers and show-runners. First she calls out Caroline Dries, Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti and Peter Roth. She goes on to address Peter Roth, the head of Warner Brothers Television, and how he would have young women “steam” his pants and private areas while still wearing said pants, hiring a private investigator to spy on Ruby Rose and later fires the private eye as the information found did not fit “his narrative.”

Rose also stated that she suffered from multiple injuries while filming, like a broken neck, a fractured rib split and a tumor. She states that the reason she was stiff in a lot of scenes was due to the injuries as she was not given ample time to recover and was asked to return to set after 10 days after diagnosis. 

According to the posts, if she didn’t comply Peter Roth threatened to fire the cast and crew and blamed her for their losses, instead of writing her out of the show for a few episodes. After her surgery Rose stated that she was not provided transportation to the set by WB and was reportedly told to “get a taxi.”

Moreover, Rose stated that she was not allowed to attend comic con and was told to announce that herself, and if she refused they would not announce it for her.

According to Rose, a crew member got third degree burns across his body, including face, a sex scene was filmed without prep, they lost two stunt doubles, Rose was almost blinded, a PA was left a quadriplegic and was forced to start a gofundme and they were not given basic therapy for the horror they had witnessed. 

“Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries wanted them to work through COVID while other shows like “The Flash” and “Supergirl” had shut down. Actor Dougray Scott, who plays Jacob Kain, was also accused of yelling and hurting a female stunt double. Rose also called Camrus Johnson, the actor who portrays Luke Fox / Batwing, an “egomaniac” who apparently blamed her for delays.

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