Super Sons animated movie announced at DC FanDome

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Fans are finally getting an animated Super Sons movie.

Fans have been longing for an adaptation of the acclaimed super sons comics and it looks like their prayers have finally been answered.

DC FanDome this year announced that the film will be the first 3D animated DC movie, titled “Battle of the Super Sons,” which was announced along with five other DC animated movies.

We are yet to receive information about the cast and the exact release date but the animated feature is said to premiere sometime in 2022.

Sanjayan Karthikeyan

Sanjayan Karthikeyan has always loved super heroes and wants to become a comic book artist/writer. Over the years, he was introduced to Superman who went on to become an inspiration in his life. Superman was the reason he started writing, which has become one of his favorite activities. Karthikeyan just completed schooling and plans on pursuing a career in finance but also wants to pursue Journalism, a new passion of his.


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