‘Titans’ season 3 continues to go downhill

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It’s clear to see “Titans” season 3 has hit a slump with episode 8, and it’s getting hard to see if the series can or will recover from the troubled exposition. The most recent installment of the series was titled “Home”, however, the story and direction felt utterly incoherent and out of place. A noticeable flaw that does weigh the series down from reaching its true potential. 

This week’s episode starts strong but quickly goes downhill with the contrived storyline of showing too much and not giving enough to tell to let the story flow. Imagine if the series allowed the audience to take in and form their own opinions and stray to a set path, instead of sequel baiting and building to a more complex approach. 

The series’ flaws are pretty apparent, especially with the team’s win last week against Scarecrow, but the victory felt morally out of place. It was clear to see a setback was forming in the exposition of the dialogue. With the growing number of losses that each member suffered from losing Hank to the hubris and enormous shadow that Dick keeps burying himself and will eventually eat away, and fester like poison from the broken perception of his mentor and pseudo father, Batman. 

It’s evident that the series is grounded upon the threads of sorrow and the misguidance of nature v nurture. Though with the series missing its footing, subtle flaws are destined to start appearing, which leads to my point of episode 8 being lost with perception. 

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One redeeming factor from this episode was the fact Tim Drake finally got more ample screen time. It was perplexing to see the young orphan show up at Wayne Manor and reveal to Dick Grayson that he knows he’s Nightwing. 

It felt almost like sequel baiting due to the notion that he wants to be the next Robin. The scene unfolds essentially by Dick following in the shadow of his father. He repeated the sin of the father that pushed everyone away when he donned the cape and cowl. Ushering in the moral conclusion being Batman is a tough and grueling psychological penance, and unfortunately, Dick can’t let the past go. Due to the blood oath that Gotham must need a Batman to keep the darkness at bay. 

Even though the city is full of terror, the heroes are the main reason why the villains spawn all the time. Dick is reluctant to admit his identity or casually bring in a new Robin when the last one still appears to be on a rampage.

“Titans” is also making the same mistake of having the Titans act as Nightwing’s crew. Although the team is no longer divided into Nightwing and Starfire mini-teams, the Titans only act as an extension of Nightwing. This is unfortunate because Dick is not very good at leading the Titans. He pleads to Barbara because he wants to weave a broken past, but the flaw of letting his emotions cloud his judgment is his Achilles heel. Now, Kory on the other hand, it’s clear to see she should step into the role of leader. Especially with the spotlight of her heroics, and strong communication was the main foundation during the earlier episodes of season 3. 

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Sadly, the strange visions plaguing her were exiled to the confines of a B plot. Leading to the conclusion at hand, will she ever take on the role of a leader, or is she going to be sidelined for the remainder of the series? 

And it’s unclear where the show is trying to go with Jason because his redemption is up in the air. Does he deserve redemption? The Titans can’t come to a consensus, and neither can the writers. Are the viewers truly meant to sympathize with Jason after he killed multiple civilians and an original Titan member? 

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We understood, Jason was on the anti-fear toxin, but he was also shown to have moments of clarity in between doses of broken fragility in past episodes. It looks like the show is just going to chalk it up to Scarecrow’s manipulation and call it a day. Season 3’s treatment of Red Hood is complete character assassination, making him a shell of a character and taking away Jason’s agency in a well-known storyline where his agency is majorly important.

Is the show setting the team up to be unwanted by the public? With Tim Drake shot and Gotham’s water dosed unwittingly by Starfire’s blast, the Titans may be enemy number one come next week.

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