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‘Good Trouble’ Season 3 ends with too many cliffhangers

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By the title of “Good Trouble” season 3, episode 19 “Closing Arguments,” I would assume most storylines that occurred would come to some sort of close. But instead, we got cliffhangers.

For the first time, “Good Trouble” aired a 90-minute season finale that left me with anxiety due to unanswered questions. Cliffhangers bring the hype and the excitement of wanting more episodes, however, I feel we were left with a bit too much.

I needed to know Who Davia chose? Is Tommy guilty? Will Alice and Sumi get together again? But we didn’t see it. I wanted these questions answered, but we won’t know until 2022 when new episodes air. 

Spoiler Alert 

Will Kathleen go to Jail? 

We didn’t see if Tommy was found guilty or not, but a revealed confession may have changed the trajectory of this case. That Tommy had a romantic relationship with Zack and since he lied about it, Kathleen thinks the only option is having Tommy on the stand so the jury can see how much he loved Zack.

But Tommy’s father disagreed because he feared Tommy would go to prison if he confessed. Tommy’s father then made a deal with Kathleen. If Kathleen agrees, he will tell her where his sister is, which will get the FBI off Kathleen’s back. 

Making her choice even harder, Kathleen’s former law partner comes to her firm, telling her he gave evidence to the FBI, meaning she could go to jail. Kathleen had to make a choice and made the right choice by putting Tommy on the stand, which proves she genuinely cares about him, believes he didn’t commit murder, and shouldn’t pay for her mistakes.     

Are Callie and Gael Really Over? 

At the end of episode 18 (“Blindside”), with the assistance of Dennis, Isabella went to the emergency room due to bleeding and spotting, and luckily, she didn’t lose the baby.

Gael was by her side and brought her home, which ruined his date night with Callie, but he had to be there for his unborn child. While helping Isabella, Gael confesses he doesn’t want her to go to Santa Barba, that she should stay in LA. That leads him to make a responsible yet hard decision to break things off with Callie.    

Breaking up with Callie was understandable and respectable. Gael wanted to focus on his baby and be there for Isabella. But I still don’t believe this is the end of Callie and Gael. He doesn’t know how to balance both, how to be a father and maintain a relationship.

I think once the baby’s born and he takes some time to be on his own and focus on his child, he will find his way back to Callie. I also don’t want Isabella to be with Gael either, but you never know what’s going to happen. 

““I’m going to be a father, and I don’t know how to do that part-time, and I also want to be the partner you deserve but I know I am not capable of doing both.”


Is Callie Playing It Safe? 

Gael’s not the only one who needs some time alone because Callie may not be a lawyer anymore. At the very end of the finale, we see a tense and emotional scene with Callie and Judge Wilson (from season one) about following your dreams, taking risks, self-doubt, and fears.

Callie has gone through a lot. Since “The Fosters”, (the prequel) she has continually sabotaged herself, putting herself in problematic situations, and putting others before herself. Whatever Callie does in the future, whether she stays being a lawyer or does something else, I hope she finds true happiness.

““It’s time for you to leave your safe cocoon and bet on yourself, it’s time for you to believe you can be more than just the Callie Adams Foster that we all know…. you have the power to make every day better, let go of everything, and everyone that is holding you done, you deserve the moon and the stars, you just have to have the courage to reach for them.”   

Judge Wilson

Fight Club Girls Coming Together 

Resulting from the unappreciative work done for Fight Club Girls, Mariana landed herself a new job interview with Revitalized Beauty, an app company. Though during the interview, she finds out Revitalized Beauty stole ideas from Bulk Beauty. And worse, Jackie Morton, the woman who turned down Bulk Beauty in “She’s back”, funds the app. 

When telling the girls about their stolen ideas, a big argument blows up about letting Mariana back in as partner. Since Mariana has proved they work better with her than without her, the girls let her back in. They then come up with a plan to have Mariana work for Revitalized Beauty to burn it to the ground. I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea.

I feel in my gut this might backfire and result in something worse. Especially since Evan is supposedly working with Jackie to take Mariana and the rest of the girls down, which I don’t like either. But Evan may be fooling Jackie by pretending to be on her side because I don’t think Evan would betray Mariana. He loved her too much. 

The Showcase 

Just when the showcase finally happens, another problem arises. Members mistakenly find out through an email that Alice will win the program and the prize money. Disappointed with this news, the members agree to do the showcase and support Alice when she wins.

But the group then decided to quit and perform their sketches to family and friends. It was brave and courageous for members to sacrifice their dreams. And performing the sketches to their loved ones was a great way to close this disgrace of a program. 

“There’s nothing wrong with accepting an opportunity no matter where it comes from. That said, sometimes it’s not worth it if it makes you feel shitty. You know in my career, my biggest breaks didn’t come from networks or studios, it came from fellow artists, friends looking out for each other, getting each other gigs, giving each other a leg up.”

Margaret Cho

What will Malika do Next? 

Malika got the full-time job at the activist organization but got another job offer, working for a councilwoman. She will work to fight incarceration, passing legislation, and ending pretrial detention. Worrying about what to do, she eventually decided to work with the councilwoman, Leaving Dyonte to take the full-time position.

While obtaining a new job, dating Dyonte and Angelica, Isaac unexpectedly returns from his work trip. Watching Isaac come back, it looked like he missed her and wanted to work things out. And if that’s what Malika wants, she’s going to have to juggle a polyamorous relationship with three people. Or might even dump Dyonte and Angelica for Isaac.    

Will Davia and Dennis be together? 

I wanted Davia and Dennis to be together since season two. They shared a beautiful scene in Dennis’s “Toasted Truck” (his food truck) about grief and growth. Dennis flourished emotionally and found his passion which is to cook. Davia and Dennis went through a lot individually, and I think it’s time for them to begin a real mature relationship. 

“Grief makes you want to pull back and isolate, what you really need to do is reach out to people.”


Even though the season three finale wasn’t what I expected or wanted, I’m just glad “Good Trouble” returns for a season four. This show continuously gives viewers teachable moments that we may need in our lives. Hopefully, when season four premieres, the questions we’ve been yearning for are answered.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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