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‘Good Trouble:’ Midseason Finale Review

As with every finale, there’s always a cliffhanger. Check out this review of “Good Trouble’s” season four spring finale.

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In the spring season finale of Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 9, “That’s me in the Spotlight,” in the opening black and white sequence, we see scenes that tease what might happen by the end of the episode. And we saw moments of climax and bravery for every character. Halfway through season four, each character has a set of new problems introduced, and as with every finale, there’s always a cliffhanger that leaves us in suspense. 

Spoilers Ahead

Sparks flew when Evan met with Mariana and Fight Club Girls (FCGs) about buying Bulk Beauty. One of the reasons I’ve shipped Mariana and Evan is their chemistry. Even the team noticed they still have feelings for each other, and the girls are fully supportive if Mariana wants to rekindle the relationship.

But that might be complicated. When Evan arrives at the coterie to talk to Mariana, he sees her and Joaquin kissing. So, Mariana might be in a love triangle again. I’m on the fence about who Mariana should be with. She and Evan have a history, but she and Joaquin started as friends and have formed a connection, especially since Mariana is helping Joaquin find his long-lost sister. I’m okay with either one. 

Speaking of his sister, thanks to an unknown source, Joaquin and Mariana spotted Jenna Perez at a farmer’s market. When Joaquin sees Jenna, she ends up running away from him. Jenna must be in some trouble if she’s running away from her brother and probably doesn’t want him involved or is afraid he might get hurt. We shall find out.

Isabella met with her parents for the first time since they found out about her pregnancy, and the dinner didn’t end well. They wanted her to give the baby up for adoption, and Isabella was not up for that discussion. As a result of the conversation and her hormones, Isabella wrecked her father’s car. In the last scene of the finale, her father called, and from Isabella’s reaction, she may face severe consequences. 

Besides her family issues, the one good thing that happened was Gael confessing he’s in love with Isabella. Throughout her pregnancy, they have grown closer, and Gael has supported and helped her, but I still don’t like them together. Their feelings towards one another seem forced, and I don’t see the chemistry. And I’m giving Isabella the benefit of the doubt because of all she’s going through, but a tiny part of me still says to watch out for her because you never know.  


Alice is still experiencing the anxiety of going out in the world after the assault. When tagged in a video post on Instagram of the guy heckling her on stage and reading all the positive comments, she obtains the courage to support Davia at her burlesque show and speak up. What Alice went through as not just an Asian woman but as a human is horrible, and I am proud she didn’t stay silent. Sometimes speaking up about a traumatic experience can be scary, but as Davia said, “My fear is most tripling when I don’t face it.”   

We finally see Davia show her sexy side in her burlesque performance, and it was worth the wait. The show was wonderful, and I’m sure Dennis enjoyed the choreography too.  

And adding Luca made the show even better. Also, I like that “Good Trouble” portrays a storyline about the difficulties homeless people face, such as living situations and hunger. I hope Luca doesn’t leave town and is honest with Davia or Joaquin about the strange man who’s been harassing, stealing, and physically attacking him for some time. No one should be treated as a disgrace, whether you’re living on the streets or not. 

As for Malika, since she got councilwoman Hernandez to sponsor the women’s center proposal, she’s caused a few issues at work. She got councilwoman Hernandez to co-sponsor the women’s center proposal without asking Lucia Morales’s permission, and now Hernandez is expecting a favor in return. And she told Lucia she’s dating her ex-girlfriend, which Lucia already knew when she saw them making out at a bar. Malika thinks she’s fooling Lucia, but Lucia is one step ahead of her. If Malika keeps this up, she’ll be fired or something worse. 

Regarding her polyamorous relationship, Malika and Dyonte broke up due to disagreements about her job work, politics, and activism. Neither of them wanted the relationship to end, but maybe Dyonte does need to be alone and not rely on women, and Malika can focus on Angelica. Perhaps this time alone will be good for both. 

We’re halfway finished through season four, and there’s more to come with the characters. I’m hopeful when the season ends, we won’t be left with numerous cliffhangers like last time. But we shall see when Good Trouble returns in July 2022.   

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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