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‘This Is Us:’ A review of the season six premiere

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The final season of “This Is Us” began on Jan. 4, 2022, with the season six premiere celebrating the 41st birthday of Kevin, Kate, and Randall, and of course, it was a banger.

Five years have gone by since the show started, and it seems like yesterday when I binge-watched season one, wanting more. “This is Us” has left an imprint on my life, and it’s been a great five years watching, crying, learning, listening and loving this show.

Spoilers ahead

Is it unnatural for two exes to live under the same roof co-parenting? Probably not. Kevin has lived in Madison’s garage since the canceled wedding/breakup. I don’t find it weird because Kevin wants to create some stability for his children, and a tiny part of him thinks living with Madison could somehow lead him back with her. He’s still holding on. 

But that comes to a close when he sees Madison practically flirting with Elijah, a member of her book club. The coquetry behavior made Kevin realize the need to move out and live with Kate. As for his acting career, Kevin might star in “The Manny” reboot because his team and peers thought his last movie was terrible, and Kevin is considering taking the role in L.A. rather than working in Vancouver. 

For Kate’s birthday and with the assistance of Phillip, Kate’s students sang her favorite song, “Time After Time,” leaving her emotional. Another present was Toby coming from San Francisco to L.A. to surprise Kate.

Despite his busy schedule at work, Toby made an effort to spend time with his wife, although let’s hope they both keep up the momentum (or not). We also saw a glimpse of Phillip’s love life when his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, visited to get closure. He was very blunt and a bit harsh by calling her boring, but she wanted honesty, and that’s what she got.

Instead of spending time with his family, Randall spent half the day in a courtroom viewing the man that broke into his house two years ago. He was determined to look the intruder, David, in the eye and explain his frustration, but David is an addict with problems. And Randall being the incredibly decent man he is bailed him out. He realizes he isn’t doing enough to help those in need, and the plan moving forward is to do more for his city.  

Kevin, Kate, Randall, Beth, Rebecca, Miguel, Nicky, and the kids have a get-together to celebrate the Big Three birthday. The small party is going well until Rebecca has an outburst and shares some news, that black plaques are in her brain, which might mean her mental health is deteriorating. “This is Us” is slowly building up the memory loss storyline with Rebecca, and I’m not looking forward to it. Rebecca Pearson is the heart of the show, and I’m not looking forward to her possibly losing her memory.   

#ThisIsUsFinalChapter has begun, and I am excited, nervous and have different thoughts rolling around my head of how this show will end. From what I’ve read from the creator, Dan Fogelman, and the cast, this last season will be special, it will answer the burning questions, and the finale will stick with viewers forever.

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