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‘Good Trouble’ 3×10 – Spring finale review

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I’m upset and shocked at what occurred on the season three finale of Freeform’s “Good Trouble” April 21, 2021. The spring finale titled “She’s Back” revealed many bombshells where someone is expecting a child, a Coterie resident returns, someone reveals their romantic relationship and others take a stand and fight for justice.  

The spring finale reminded me of why I like “Good Trouble.” The themes, the storylines, and the characters teach viewers about life. That there’ll be a time where you will have to make life-changing decisions, choosing what’s right and what’s wrong, and preparing to face and deal with the outcomes. 

Spoiler alert warning

Someone will be a father 

Isabella returned after moving out of the Coterie, being accused of sleeping with Mariana’s ex-boyfriend and having sex with Gael. When she returned to the Coterie, she went up to Gael’s apartment to reveal that she was pregnant. I was very shocked and upset about this news. Shocked because I never expected Isabella to get pregnant and for Gael to be a father and upset because I want Gael and Callie to be together, but I don’t know how this life-changing news will affect their relationship moving forward. Will Callie ever pursue a relationship now that Gael will be a father. I was rooting for Callie and Gael since season one, and when I thought that they would finally be together, a bombshell happened. I honestly was on the verge of tears when I heard the words “I’m pregnant.” Who knows if Callie will accept this? 

I wonder, now that Gael will be a father, how is he going to make money? Gael quit his internship with Yuri Elwin (a famous artist) after finding out he took credit for his artwork. Gael made a brave decision and cared more about his integrity than the $5,000 check. Now that Gael will be a father, will he go back to Yuri Elwin and take the money? 

An ex-lover returns 

Dennis returns to the Coterie after leaving for a while to work on himself. He didn’t want Davia to wait for him, and she moved on to Matt. Davia is in the kitchen when Dennis returns and pours his heart out by telling her he should not have left and should have stayed.  

Dennis and Davia are endgame, but I think Dennis seeing Davia and Matt together should be a wake-up call for him. Instead of facing his problems and his fears, he left, and now he might have lost the woman he’s in love with. 

A Confession at the Wrong Time 

As for love, Mariana and Evan said “I Love You” for the first time. They belong together and make a cute couple. But as for Marianna hiding her relationship with Evan from her team, that was a big mistake. But I’m not surprised, Mariana has made decisions like this the past three seasons, even in “The Fosters” (Spin-off Show).   

Mariana and her team pitch their app, Bulk Beauty, to the investor Jackie and her co-workers. Jackie wants to fund but we come to find out, she lied. Jackie lied saying she pitched the idea to her boss Vincent but didn’t. She loved the idea, but she asked around about Mariana and her team and found out that they made everyone’s salaries at Speculate public, exposing the gender pay gap. According to Jackie, the perception is that Mariana and her team are troublemakers. 

“For me, as a woman, I have to be very careful where I invest the company’s money, my choices are securitized more closely, I don’t have the luxury to make a mistake.”


After telling her team about what Jackie said, the team wants to sue Speculate and Evan to get their app funded, but Mariana disagrees and reveals her relationship to the team. Mariana should have been honest with her co-workers since the beginning of her and Evan’s relationship because now, she confessed in an unexpected way that may have jeopardized her working relationship with the team. 

Alice is in the Driver’s Seat 

Alice not only spoke up for herself in her relationship with Ruby but spoke up for what she believes in. Margaret Cho, a famous comedian, guest-starred in the spring finale and gives advice and guidance to participants of the comedy program. Alice plans to perform an Asian sketch, playing a “dumb Asian” which she believes is a stereotype in comedy.   

Alice doesn’t like her sketch, but Margaret Cho seems to like it and complimented her about it. Alice then asks her questions about when she was in the program and if mentors would lean her into being Asian in her sketches. She reveals it was the network of the program that wanted her to do stereotype Asian sketches. Cho chose to follow what the network wanted because she wanted to “make it” as an Asian comedian, and once she did, she could change it.    

Margaret: Your one job now is to play the game and get past the gatekeepers

Alice: I mean if we keep playing the game aren’t we part of the problem…. maybe as someone who’s made it you can help change what it takes to get where you are?

Alice and the other participants have this get-together where they party and get drunk and admit that they are all tired of performing stereotypical sketches. They all want to create and write their material. They ALL agree to take their power back and perform the sketches they want.  

But unfortunately, the participants back out. When Alice learns that one of the participants got cut from the program, Alice speaks up.

“We like to take these up with you…. were not comfortable with doing racist and transphobic sketches…. if you want us to perform jokes about our identities then we should be the ones writing them.”


Alice gives this honest and brave speech and the rest of the participants who were supposed to have her back just let her humiliate herself. Fear got in the way of the participants but not Alice. Alice took a stand and left the program. Even Margaret Cho didn’t speak up?! If Cho would have spoken up, then the participants would have, and Alice probably would still be in the program. 

Teachers fighting for their Students  

Davia took a stand when she fought for her student, Andre Johnson, an African American student to not go to juvenile detention. Davia and other teachers have been doing this program to show that restorative justice can work to help troubled students. The program was unapproved by the school, and they think the students should be preparing for the Common Core test, not creating art. Davia, Gael, Matt, and other teachers fought for the program to be held after-school, to volunteer, and to donate supplies for the students.  

“We can replace punishment with encouragement, we can up self-esteem instead of tearing it down.”

Andre Johnson also takes a stand to create a petition to get police officers out of the school. He and other students refuse to take the Common Core test if the school doesn’t take the cops out immediately.  

“I am tired of coming to school every day scared that I’m going to get searched, or I’m going to get a third strike and get sent to Juvie. I mean at some point like you taught us we have to take a stand for justice, for ourselves.”


Andre shows the petition to Davia, and she doesn’t think the petition is a good idea to get the cops out. Davia eventually signs the petition, due to being convinced by Matt. I think for the students this is the only way for them to fight for justice. Students don’t have much power as teachers do. Davia and other teachers should come together and come up with a plan. 

A Boss in the courtroom 

Callie completely handled that courtroom like a pro. When attorney Kathleen Gale is arrested by the FBI, Kathleen wants Callie to present the argument (the defendant) to the judge against her ex-boyfriend Jamie (the prosecution). During the argument, Callie says an iconic line that was once said by our Madam Vice President Kamala Harris.  

Those words silenced the courtroom.   

As for Kathleen, the FBI arrested her for witness tampering. Kathleen represented a major player in the Chinese mob charged with money laundering. Kathleen was planning to get her defendant off the charges until she realized the wife was planning to testify against him/the defendant. The FBI thinks the wife was murdered and believes Kathleen was involved in the disappearance.  

Kathleen later admits that she was involved in the wife’s disappearance and wants Callie to be her lawyer. I don’t know if I do or do not trust Kathleen. I need to know more of the story and why she was involved in the disappearance. Though, I am questioning why she wants Callie as her lawyer. You would think of Kathleen’s career accomplishments and achievements that she would hire a top-notch lawyer, but she wants Callie. Someone she has known for a short time that she is mentoring. 

Choosing a Polyamorous relationship 

In episode eight of season three, Malika revealed that she wants to pursue a polyamorous relationship with her current boyfriend Isaac and the man that she has fallen for, Dyonte. In the spring finale, Isaac was not okay with the idea of sharing Malika with another man and decided to take a break with Malika. Malika loves Isaac so much that she decided not to pursue a relationship with Dyonte. She gave Dyonte a goodbye kiss, telling him she can’t see him anymore.  Malika made the right choice for not cheating on Isaac and being honest about how she feels to both men. But I also feel like this won’t be the last time we’ll see Dyonte. Now that she’s technically “single,” I feel Malika will pursue a relationship with Dyonte later in season three.

What I want to see in the second half of this season is for Callie and Gael to be together, somehow. Davia and Dennis to be together and Mariana and Evan to still be together. Mariana and her team get their app funded and for the team to come to terms with her relationship with Evan; Malika and Isaac to reconnect; Alice to return to the comedy program or make a name for herself.  

We’ll see what happens when the second half of season three of “Good Trouble” premieres this summer. 

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