‘Titans’ Season 3 is starting to lose focus

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Season 3 of “Titans” is starting to slow down, and reveal one of the main problems from past seasons. There’s no focus. While we did get some much-needed teamwork in this episode, there’s still so much left on the drawing room table.

Spoilers ahead

Where’s Rachel? Where’s Tim Drake? Many thought we would finally see more of Tim or even get a Tim-focused episode after the cliffhanger from episode 6. And with only 6 episodes left in the season, Tim Drake is still nowhere to be found and we know so little about him.

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Frustratingly, “Titans” has seemed to erase the connection between Kory and Dick, in favor of reigniting the sparks between Babs and Dick. Barbara Gordon is a fantastic character, wonderfully portrayed by Savannah Welch, but the relationship between Babs and Dick on “Titans” is tiring. It’s a very strange choice because other characters have made references to Kory and Dick’s relationship, but they hardly interact in the show. We can’t forget about both Scarecrow and Lady Vic in the background, so let’s hope they’re not just using Barbara as a device to harm to get under Dick’s skin.

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This episode isn’t all bad; the strongest thing about this episode, and season 3 so far, is the bond between Starfire and Blackfire. Episode 7 is titled “51%,” in reference to the 51% approach to decision-making on Tameron and how Blackfire came to the decision to kill their parents. Since Blackfire was not the “beloved child” on Tameron like Starfire, she has always been counted out and mocked. Damaris Lewis continues to be a revelation as Blackfire and she truly shines in season 3, especially when she gets her supersuit. 

Will they ever go back to Tameron? The exploration of Tameron and its culture makes it a possibility; especially since we’re supposed to see Rachel in Themyscira. 

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It was amazing to see Scarecrow’s plans go up in smoke as the Titans took out his warehouse in a much-needed team moment. While it seems that Scarecrow has a very clear-cut plan, he’s not a compelling villain at this point and neither is Red Hood. The question of saving Jason Todd is exhausting, and it was a major mistake to have his character go this far if the intent was still to save him.

Because with Gar finding Jason’s friend, Molly, at the end of the episode, Gar is still determined to save Jason or at least find him. And going to a sympathetic source may lead to a redemption route for Jason, a route that he hasn’t earned.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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