The Smallville High Torch website was created to coincide with the hit television series, Smallville. During the earlier seasons of the series this Warner Bros. interactive website allowed viewers the chance to immerse themselves into the world of “Smallville” with digitized reports that chronicled the adventures of a young Clark Kent and his friends. Some fans sent in their own responses and estimates for the strange happenings, along with any other commentary they had on the show.

The website was abandoned and disbanded in the early 21st century, but the Daily Planet Archives project has been diligently collecting and restoring The Torch to the best of their abilities. Some photos had to be substituted but all stories are original to The Smallville High Torch.

Notable team members

Clark Kent

Before Clark Kent soared high at the Daily Planet, he was an absent minded reporter for the Torch. Clark had a tendency to make the news rather than report on it but his time at the school paper helped guide him further towards his destiny.

Chloe Sullivan

Chloe Sullivan served as the papers managing editor throughout her tenure at Smallville High. She had a passion for journalism and constantly strived to be a reporter at the world famous Daily Planet. She eventually was but got fired by Lex Luthor.

Pete Ross

Pete Ross served as a photographer, sports writer and so much more at the Torch. He didn’t have a drive for journalism like Chloe and Clark, but he loved helping his friends uncover a story. Pete was the first to leave the publication.

Lana Lang

Lana Lang served as interim managing editor and provided some services to the publication. She was good friends with everyone at the Torch and often provided necessary insight for numerous Smallville Torch stories.

The Smallville Torch was Smallville High School’s student newspaper, often referred to simply as the Torch. The paper reported on the news around the school and the town of Smallville. It was created for the decade long show “Smallville.”

While attending Smallville High, Chloe Sullivan was the editor of the Torch. Chloe considered the paper her pride and joy, and her editorial was a big part of her school identity. Especially during the freshman year, it was the only place where Chloe could regularly interact with her fellow reporter and love interest, Clark Kent.

In addition to Clark and Chloe, other reporters for the Torch included Pete Ross (sports columnist) and Lana Lang, who briefly served as the substitute editor when Principal Kwan suspended Chloe from duty for writing unverifiable meteor freak stories. Lois Lane reluctantly started writing for the Torch during her short time at the school in 2004.

By 2010, Zoe and Clayton, the new Torch reporters, ran the newspaper, doing things like taking up the Wall of Weird legacy and making it viral online.



A map of Smallville from the earlier seasons of the show.

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