Smallville Torch — Season One

The Smallville Torch is Smallville High School's student newspaper, often referred to simply as the Torch. The paper reported on the news around the school and the town of Smallville in the show "Smallville." This archived section is a compilation of articles from the series' first season.

Volume 50, Issue 53 | 2002

Volume 50, Issue 53 | 2002


By Amelia Nielsen 

With end-of-semester finals looming over everyone’s head, a few students here at Smallville High School have found a means to get away from the stress of life. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the lunch hour, students can be found in the gym playing basketball. The games are usually played two-on-two, with the team that gets to 11 first winning. 

Whitney Fordman started the pickup games and says they are getting bigger every week. “I hope,” Fordman said, “that enough people will come play so we can start an intramural league or two-on-two tournament here at school.” 

Torch reporters Clark Kent and Pete Ross played in a game against Fordman. Kent said he had a great time, even though he and Ross lost. Ross swears revenge. Will he get it? Check out the gym during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Volume 50, Issue 53 | 2002


By Lana Lang
Illustration by Tyler Harron (Illustration was not available)

I heard someone once say that Smallville is the heart of a great state in the heart of a great nation. In the last few weeks, I have come to see that this is true. With the world in chaos, it is nice to see students here at Smallville High making a difference in the lives of our neighbors. 

When Eric Summers saved Chloe Sullivan’s laptop from a purse-snatcher this week, I realized how important it is to me to help others in their times of need. But a time of need doesn’t have to be a disaster or anything like that. A few weeks ago, we students rallied behind a blood drive and donated much-needed blood to the Red Cross. Other students have spent time working in senior citizen centers or hospitals. Some just provide a listening ear for a friend. These all are students like you or me, who struggle with school, dating, sports and everything else. But they take time to make a difference. 

I’ve seen firsthand how these generous acts of volunteerism can be priceless to the recipient. And they can be priceless to each of us, too. So, keep looking around for what you can do. It may be something simple like smiling at someone in the hall or helping a classmate with homework. Whatever you do, it can only add a little heart to this community.