Smallville Torch — Season One

The Smallville Torch is Smallville High School's student newspaper, often referred to simply as the Torch. The paper reported on the news around the school and the town of Smallville in the show "Smallville." This archived section is a compilation of articles from the series' first season.

Volume 50, Issue 55 | 2002

Volume 50, Issue 55 | 2002


By Pete Ross

You stood in line. You paid your money. You got your obligatory gray shirt/red shorts gym uniform, successfully avoiding extra pushups on the first day of class. And if you are like most students, you haven’t gone back to the Crow’s Nest Student Store since that first week of school. Why not? Is it because you are scared of the ever-efficient yet colder-than-steel store management?

No one has a greater passion for selling Smallville swag than store manager Stan Gibson. But even Stan admits that he possesses lousy people skills. Consequently, many students don’t feel comfortable purchasing items where it seems the store motto is “you’re in our way.” As a result, the Nest has been seeing a decline in revenue. So it came as no surprise this week when the store’s faculty advisor, Ms. Ferguson, announced that Stan’s involvement in the day-to-day operations has been reduced, and a new co-manager, Brad Jacobson, will share the Crow-hawking duties.

“We don’t want students to feel like coming into our little shop is a chore,” Ferguson said. “We figure that Brad can help create a warmer atmosphere, while Stan continues to run things in the most efficient fashion possible.”

When asked for comment, Stan replied with “whatever,” while Brad held a much more optimistic view. “I think it’s great! The Crow’s Nest has a lot of cool merchandise to offer. It’s more than pennants and pencils. There’s a lot of great stuff!”

Whether this change in management is effective remains to be seen. But it’s worth giving the store another chance. And if you still hate the place, then you don’t have to return until you’re a senior buying your class ring.

Volume 50, Issue 55 | 2002


By Lana Lang

Dear Students of Smallville High,

This week, we celebrated the grand reopening of The Talon Movie Theater and Coffee House. I wish to express my deep gratitude to a few individuals, without whom this event would not have succeeded.

First and foremost, thanks to Lex Luthor for his financial backing of the remodeling and reopening. I appreciate his prodding as well, which got me motivated to really pursue this endeavor.

I’d also like to thank Clark Kent for his unending support during times of leaks, breaks and other unmentionable disasters.

Thanks to the dozens of carpenters, plumbers and electricians whose skill and time brought the Talon up to code and returned it to its original splendor.

And a big thanks to you, the students of Smallville High, for supporting me and the Talon at our opening night gala. I hope you will find it a nice place to “hang” and will come back often.

A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of adding to our communities and this week saw it in full force. I saw a community of heroes come to my aid and help me fulfill a dream. Thank you, Smallville.

As an expression of my appreciation, receive 15% off your order at the Talon when you present this issue.

Thank you again!