Tips for Incorporating Cleaning Into Your Weekly Routine

Tips for incorporating cleaning into your weekly routine

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Because of work, errands, family needs, personal hygiene, and other responsibilities, you may not have much time for other tasks. Housekeeping seems to be one of the most common things people put on the back burner. It often becomes less important in the rest of life’s chaos.

Even though you probably believe you don’t have enough time every week to keep a clean house and car, it doesn’t take much to keep up with basic cleaning principles. Explore these tips for incorporating cleaning into your weekly routine.

Do something small daily

Unfortunately, clutter, dusty surfaces, and dirty dishes can feel very overwhelming, but these tasks don’t have to add stress to your life. With that in mind, consider doing something small daily to make your life easier. Whether you vacuum one room, clean the bathroom, wash a load of laundry, or organize one drawer, doing a small task each day can help lighten the overall load.


Small tasks are all you need to maintain a clean home, but you might have to dedicate a day to a deep clean first. After that, start doing smaller tasks for upkeep.

Dedicate a few consecutive hours to cleaning

This one might be a stretch for some, but dedicating a few consecutive hours to weekly cleaning is an effective way to ensure you do everything. If you live a busy life, you may have a hard time accomplishing one small cleaning task every day. A specified chore time is a great alternative.

Suppose you have various things to do after work on four out of five weeknights. Consider making the fifth night your designated chore time. By doing all or most of your cleaning on that free day, you can keep an adequately clean house.

Wipe down high-traffic surfaces frequently

It’s no secret that many surfaces get more use than others, but that means they also require more cleaning. That said, try to wipe down your bathroom vanity, kitchen counter, coffee table, car interior, and any other high-traffic surface frequently. You should wipe some surfaces daily for sanitary purposes, but others may be suitable for weekly or monthly cleaning.

Even though you probably drive your car daily, it probably doesn’t require cleanings as frequently as your home. Knowing how often to clean your vehicle’s interior can help you plan your task schedule and maintain your car’s condition.

Pick things up before bed

If you have children or pets, you know that things can get messy and scattered quickly. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a cluttered house, as it can set the wrong tone for the rest of your day. However, a quick pickup session before bed every night can help you maintain a clean house. When everything in your home has a designated spot, it’s much easier to pick things up and put them where they go quickly.

Now that you know these tips for incorporating cleaning into your weekly routine, you can keep a neat house without choosing between spending an entire day cleaning or living in filth. Keeping up with a tidy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but breaking the tasks into smaller chunks is an excellent way to ensure nothing gets terribly messy or out of order.

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