Vehicle Modifications You Didn’t Know Are Legal

Vehicle Modifications You Didn’t Know Are Legal

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Are you looking to enhance your automobile’s performance and your overall driving experience? Explore three vehicle modifications you didn’t know were actually street-legal and the many benefits they can offer you!

Exhaust system alterations

Making alterations to your vehicle’s exhaust system is completely legal in most American states. Furthermore, certain modifications to your exhaust provide significant performance enhancements and advantages. For example, installing a cat-back exhaust system increases airflow and lightens your engine’s load, vastly boosting fuel economy and acceleration.

Plus, certain exhaust modifications decrease or eliminate noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable driving experience. However, states are more likely to restrict exhaust alterations that increase engine noise. For instance, certain jurisdictions enforce maximum decibel ratings at various ranges to maintain more silent traffic. Often, these standards mandate that all vehicles must remain under 50-90 decibels from a distance of 50 meters.

Underglow lighting systems

Have you ever seen a car speeding down the street at night with a bright blast of color illuminating from the undercarriage? This type of led lighting is called underglow, and it was first popular in the late ’80s amongst the drifting and tuning communities. Interest in underglow later increased thanks to its depiction in the mega-hit franchise The Fast and Furious. And despite its eye-catching and distracting lumens, underglow is street-legal in most American states. However, states will not permit certain colors, such as red and blue, for any civilian automobile. Furthermore, some states limit lumen intensity and underglow placement.

Engine control units

True tuning fanatics are familiar with engine control units (ECUs) and, most importantly, the benefits of installing these devices in your vehicle. ECUs are electronic chips that constantly monitor engine conditions and automobile performance, making ideal adjustments to ensure consistency and overall superior performance.

Alternatively, certain ECU products allow for driver input, providing the most customizable racing experience. ECUs are legal in nearly every state, but you must install them with the help of a professional technician. Additionally, the installation process cannot alter with vehicle emissions systems. As long as you follow these rules, you can absolutely plug an ECU into your personal ride and enjoy the advantage of total automotive control!

Who cares if you didn’t know these three vehicle modifications were actually street-legal—you do now! Consider implementing one of these alterations to enhance your vehicle’s performance and overall driving experience. Additionally, remember to always check your local laws before modifying your automobile. You’ll need to check in with regional regulations for seemingly insignificant alterations as well, such as driving your Jeep with the doors off or removing a side mirror.

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