5 Places Where Asbestos Can Still Linger in Homes

5 places where asbestos can still linger in homes

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By 1989, the majority of products containing asbestos were banned in the United States. While this prevented new home construction from using asbestos-based products, older homes still contain asbestos.

If you have an older home that needs repairing, you may want a professional to examine the house for asbestos before pulling up flooring or cutting into walls. Read about the places where asbestos can still linger in homes so you can conduct a safe renovation!

Vinyl floor tiles

Asbestos was a popular material used in manufacturing vinyl floor tiles. The strength of asbestos fibers made it a favored material among many products.

If you suspect your flooring contains asbestos and has any chips or damage, there’s a chance your family is exposed to the harmful substance. Contact an asbestos removal company to get rid of the vinyl tiles and any trace of this toxic substance. Then, you can install new flooring that’s safe and looks great!


Homeowners living in an older, outdated home are often ready for an update! Knocking down old walls and creating a new layout are ideal renovations. It’s important to remember that asbestos was once a common fiber in drywall manufacturing.

Popcorn ceiling

While popcorn ceilings cease to appear in new homes, they’re ever-present in homes built from the 1950s to the 2000s. Until the 1980s, popcorn ceilings were developed with asbestos fibers.

Today, many homeowners who buy homes from times when popcorn ceilings were popular must carefully remove them in case they contain asbestos. Hire a professional to test the ceiling before removing it to ensure it’s safe. If it does contain asbestos, a trained professional must rid the home of popcorn ceilings and asbestos.

Textured paint

Asbestos was a popular additive to paint because it allowed the substance to run smoothly across surfaces and enhanced the color of the paint. When the paint dried on the walls and remained intact, it never posed a threat. However, if the paint began to peel or chip, the home became exposed to asbestos.

It’s impossible to tell if your paint contains asbestos only by glancing at it. If you own an older home with original paint, don’t tear up the substance before hiring a professional to take a look first.

Roofing materials

You won’t only find asbestos-containing materials inside the house. A place where asbestos can still linger in homes is within the roofing shingles and underlayment.

The fibers strengthened the material and enhanced its durability. Asbestos was a beloved material for many home-based products due to its fire-resistant properties and affordable cost. If you need a new roof or want to start a construction project on the attic, allow a professional asbestos company to take samples first.

When you leave asbestos alone, it often won’t cause any ailments. However, you may succumb to the harmful effects of asbestos on the body if you begin construction and learn that the materials contain asbestos fibers.

It’s essential for a professional asbestos company to provide a thorough examination of the home before beginning a project on your own. You’ll safeguard your health and conduct a proper renovation the right way.

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