6 Best Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles

6 best electric personal transportation vehicles

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Personal transportation makes getting around more efficient since the only schedule you have to rely on is your own.

Although automobiles and bikes are common forms of private transport, they aren’t your only option. This article highlights some of the best electric personal transportation vehicles you should rely on to get around.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are a popular choice for this type of transportation because they’re easy to store, have various riding options, and are accessible to almost everyone. Plus, you can use an electronic bicycle like a normal bike if you’d prefer to use the peddles to get around.  


Recently, hoverboards have become more popular because they’re easy to ride, easy to store, and get you where you need to go. As you begin shopping, take time to browse your options so you buy the perfect hoverboard. Different models have varying weight limits, battery life, and costs. By noting this and deciding what’s most important to you, it becomes easier to find your perfect hoverboard.

Electric scooters

Like electronic bikes, e-scooters come in many options, and they’re fairly easy to use. You can use the hand brake or throttle on the handlebars to brake or speed up as you zoom around town. E-scooters are also popular because they don’t lead to air pollution like cars, nor are they very noisy.

Electric unicycles

You may not see these on the street too often, but e-unicycles are a great form of personal electric transportation. Usually, you control them by moving your body, much like a hoverboard, so this option requires you have a good sense of balance. Electric unicycles are great because of how compact they are. Whether you keep yours in your studio apartment or stash it in the car for all your road adventures, you won’t have a hard time finding a place for it.

Electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles, or mopeds, are a popular option that looks sporty and is better for the environment. Mopeds are great if you need to travel a long distance or make a trip to the grocery store. Their speeds vary depending on the model as some can only hit around 30 mph. But like other forms of electric transportation, the e-motorcycle is environmentally friendly and makes personal transportation easy.

Electric skateboards

The electric skateboard is a great final option to make this list. Similar to an electric unicycle or hoverboard, you need a good sense of balance for this mode of transportation. Luckily, learning to ride an e-skateboard is much easier than a traditional one, and once you’ve got your balance down, you’ll be zipping around. Most e-skateboards hit speeds up to 25 mph, and many utilize wireless controls through a handheld remote.

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