5 Ways To Get Workers To Wear Personal Protective Equipment

5 ways to get workers to wear personal protective equipment

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One of the best ways workers can protect themselves from injury and illness at the job site is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPE also increases productivity and creates a positive work environment where all workers are valued. Follow these five ways to get workers to wear personal protective equipment.

1. Provide comprehensive training

Train employees on the proper ways to wear PPE and what each piece of PPE equipment protects against. The more workers understand how their PPE benefits them, the more willingly they wear this crucial equipment. Every new employee should be trained, and employees should be retrained periodically, including when you update safety policies.

2. Communicate clearly

Keeping lines of communication open is another way to get workers to wear personal protective equipment. While you want to maintain standards of safety, listening to workers’ feedback regarding PPE is a great way to improve compliance and PPE functionality. You can ask for recommendations through surveys or during meetings. Address complaints quickly and encourage workers to share their thoughts on personal protective equipment to show your commitment to workplace safety.

3. Deliver the right PPE

If you find that workers feel uncomfortable wearing their PPE, quickly replace their PPE with the right types. Find the correct fit for every employee to ensure the equipment offers the right level of protection. Addressing workers’ needs swiftly keeps people safe and makes it easier to enforce compliance.

4. Lead by example

It’s important for all employees to follow the rules. When management doesn’t comply with proper PPE usage, it puts them at risk and communicates the wrong message to workers. If PPE is needed at a site for safety purposes, management team members should don the right gear to protect themselves and lead by example.

5. Enforce policies

The final tip for increasing compliance is to enforce policies regarding PPE. When it comes to determining responsibility for workplace safety, the obligation primarily lies with the employer. Enforcing your policies is crucial for ensuring workplace safety. Treat everyone respectfully but don’t hesitate in showing zero tolerance for disregarding safety.

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