Tips for Building Models with Balsa Wood

Tips for building models with balsa wood

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A hobby that stands the test of time is working on model kits. Many folks still love building something from scratch, whether it’s an airplane, spaceship, or ship.

If you are unfamiliar with the materials of model kits, they are extremely fragile. Therefore, using these tips for building models with balsa wood helps keep everything together.

Build a foundation

A designated flat board for constructing your balsa wood model is critical. You can create your own with a softwood sheet, foam, cork, and pins. If you are struggling to construct a workspace, a piece of foam board should suffice. Although you can make the foundation an attachment to a sturdy table, it might be wise to make it portable so you can take it easily from room to room.

Only take what you need

To prevent mixing up your materials and putting yourself in a conundrum, don’t gather your parts until you need them. Typically, your model comes with a detailed instruction manual, telling you the precise time you’ll need specific pieces.

However, you may wish to stack pieces together to build the model more quickly. For example, if the book says to arrange all the wing ribs on the board, you may want to do that so it’s easier to take what you need.

Sanding & gluing

Sanding is a necessary step in the assembly of a balsa model. It is vital for the finishing technique of covering your model. If you have elevated portions, covering the project will be a real nightmare to get perfect. Begin with a coarser grit and work your way up to a finer grain. You may also wish to use sanding blocks to guarantee equal sanding.

Additionally, a lightweight model will fly faster. Because many forms of model glue evaporate somewhat after applying, using a pipet or a fine applicator nozzle is a smart technique to assure that you’re not laying down too much.

Keep it simple

Rather than diving headfirst, consider dipping your toe in the water and working on a smaller, easier model first. Choose something that will not take you an eternity to mask and paint. If this is your first experience constructing balsa, you may even start with something elementary. Once you’ve completed one project, you may move on to a more demanding challenge.

Constructing models takes time and patience to master, particularly when handling delicate materials. Following these tips for building models with balsa wood puts you on the right track to improving your skills.

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