The cover of Action Comics no. 1015 featuring Naomi, Batman and Superman by David Marquez with colors by Alejandro Sanchez. Photo courtesy DC Comics

CW gives green light for DC Comics ‘Naomi’ pilot

Although 2021 will result in the loss of both "Supergirl" and "Black Lightning," The CW is assuring fans the superhero franchise is not going anywhere with the development of "Naomi."

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Award-winning Filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and former “Arrow” writer and executive producer Jill Blankenship are teaming up on an adaptation of “Naomi,” DC Comics newest super-heroine, created by writers Brian Michel Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell in March 2019. The CW has order a pilot of the DC super-hero based off her comic book counterpart.

In The CW’s vision of “Naomi,” the young hero will set out to uncover the secrets of her origins that somehow has a connection to the multiverse, following the aftermath of a “supernatural event that will shake her hometown to the core.”

In the critically acclaimed DC comic, Naomi, whose civilian name is Naomi McDuffie, is a teenage superhero from an alternate earth.

She share’s similarities to the DC fandom’s beloved Superman as she was adopted at a very young age by Greg and Jen McDuffie and was raised in a small town called Port Oswego, Oregon. Before the small town life, she was born on a different version of the Earth, a version where the planet’s ozone layer had been destroyed by humans allowing a mysterious radiation to leak onto the surface.

The mysterious radiation gave 29 random people of Naomi’s original earth super-human abilities, which eventually led to a war between those whose sought to use their newfound powers for nefarious reasons, and those who sought to use them for good.

The conclusion to the war led to the death of 14 of the 29 people and the remaining eight to fled the Earth. The remaining superhuman were able to keep an alliance until Naomi’s birth. This made Naomi a target for Zumbado, a mass murderous being who has conquered half of the planet. In an effort to protect her, Naomi’s parents handed her over to their allies and she was moved to Prime Earth.

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With the Arrowverse currently going through its own transformation with the soon to be loss of “Supergirl” and Ruby Rose’s exit as “Batwoman,” The CW-verse will be searching far and wide for new members, including Naomi, to take on the responsibility of the old Arrowverse guard.

“Naomi” is in early development and does not have a scheduled release date at this point in time.

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