Warner Bros. Discovery looks to reconstruct DC Entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery leadership looks to revamp DC Entertainment following the finalization of their $43 billion merger.

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Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly looking to completely overhaul their DC Entertainment branch on the heels of their recent merger, a recent Variety article reported.

According to the article, sources report that recently established CEO David Zaslav, along with other top leaders, have been exploring ideas for the DC portion of Warner Bros.

Before the merger of Discovery and Warner Media finalized last week, Zaslav reviewed potential candidates with experience in crafting and curating a nurturing and creative blockbuster while simultaneously organizing a cinematic universe similar to Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

One such contender was former 20th Century Studios and Paramount executive, Emma Watts. According to the Variety article, it appears as if Watts doesn’t want to fulfill the burden.

An insider implied that Zaslav was less concerned in hiring a creative head and was more interested in finding an aspirant with a background in business to maintain order in all the different factions of DC.

The overhaul of DC Entertainment, the home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more, would affect future film development in Warner Bros. Pictures and Television. Zaslav reportedly hopes to stabilize the DC canon on a similar caliber to Disney and Marvel Studio’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to sources, Discovery believes characters like Superman have been hung out to dry and need to be revitalized, desperately. The new conglomerate also wants to explore the expansive DC library and bring second rate characters, or characters who don’t usually get the blockbuster treatment, into the light of the big screen.

Zaslav still wants to coral the DC branch into order even though recent films, like “The Batman,” have garnered major success in order to rake in a heftier profit. The company also wants to meet demands in the gaming market by providing more DC content.

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