Comics creator George Pérez on Day 3 of the 2012 New York Comic Con, Saturday October 13, 2012 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. Photo by Luigi Novi.

Comic-Book legend George Pérez reveals he has Cancer

George Pérez, the legendary artist behind some of the biggest events in comic history, has announced that he's battling stage 3 pancreatic cancer.

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Legendary Comic-Book Author and icon George Pérez, 67, has revealed in a Facebook post that he has Stage 3 pancreatic cancer and approximately six months to live.

When the news broke earlier today an outpouring of support was present on social media ranging from fans all the way to pioneers of the comic industry.  

Each wrote a post to express unwavering support and immense gratitude towards Pérez surrounding his contribution and legacy to multiple titles. For those who don’t know, Perez, who retired from the industry in 2019, was renowned for his contributions to various DC and Marvel properties.

Contributions such as his co-creation, with Marv Wolfman, of “The New Teen Titans” in the 80s, along with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and “Wonder Woman” and his mega-successful “JLA/Avengers.” George’s work has thrilled comics fans for over three decades. 

George Pérez displaying one of his Wonder Woman pieces

In his letter on Facebook, he mentioned a similar tribute surge after he announced his retirement from comics back in 2019. People posted fan art and peers shared stories of working with and learning from one of comics’ greatest. Now, he’s opting to let “nature take its course” instead of pursuing chemotherapy to treat the Stage 3 cancer. You can read his response down below.

“To all my fans, friends, and extended family, It’s rather hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since I formally announced my retirement from producing comics due to my failing vision and other infirmities brought on primarily by my diabetes,” he began. “At the time I was flattered and humbled by the number of tributes and testimonials given me by my fans and peers. The kind words spoken on those occasions were so heartwarming that I used to quip that ‘the only thing missing from those events was me lying in a box.”

“It was amusing at the time, I thought,” Pérez continued. “Now, not so much. On November 29th I received confirmation that, after undergoing surgery for a blockage in my liver, I have Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. It is surgically inoperable and my estimated life expectancy is between six months to a year. I have been given the option of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, but after weighing all the variables and assessing just how much of my remaining days would be eaten up by doctor visits, treatments, hospital stays, and dealing with the often stressful and frustrating bureaucracy of the medical system, I’ve opted to just let nature take its course and I will enjoy whatever time I have left as fully as possibly with my beautiful wife of over 40 years, my family, friends, and my fans.”

Perez concluded his heartfelt post by saying “Take care of yourselves—and thank you.”

Take care of yourselves—and thank you.

George Pérez

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